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8 Reasons Why Mobile App Startups Fail in 2022

Why App Startups Fail

Smartphone apps hold a massive market in 2022, with promising growth for businesses and startups looking forward to breaking into the mobile app development industry. Entrepreneurs can develop a high-quality application with a unique or creative idea. But, 90% of the app startups fail to acquire popularity in the mobile app market. To maximize your success rate, you have to analyze the top reasons why a startup fails to deliver success through its mobile apps. 

The article explains the top 8 reasons that you must critically understand to resist yourself from failing and boost your profits in the one go.

Not a unique idea

In the hustle to break into the app market at the quickest time, app startups duplicate ideas from their competitors. A copied idea might work initially but fails in the long run because of the absence of creativity. A business copying ideas will copy most of the content from their competitors, and copied content is red-flagged very soon by Google or Apple. If you want to taste success from your app, ensure that you have an idea that adds value with a unique approach. For this, you have to focus on the planning phase and define a robust vision for your mobile app. Without a successful path, planning, and strategy, you cannot deliver long-term survival.

Poor UI/UX design

What is the first thing you notice when you open an app? It is the design of the app that must feel appealing. Else the interface will be confusing to understand. In the mobile development phase, you must take care of the user experience provided through your app design because it is something that quickly leads to users pressing uninstall on your app. The design must feel very smooth in animations. A glitch or slow animation response irritates users. Strictly avoid the long loading times in your animations or difficult features that are inaccessible on the go or require too many clicks in the first place. Even the long registration process is a part of your app’s design because your design should ensure that users can perform most of the tasks in a minimal time frame and with ease. Finally, embed illustrations in your app because using 2D cartoons or 3D illustrations in apps is trending in 2022.

Does not solve a real-life problem

In the mobile app development industry, the one who delivers top-notch creativity wins the market. If you create a duplicate idea copying from your competitor, you will meet failure soon. A unique problem must solve a real-life problem of users. For this, you have to study the market and prepare reports on it before finally deciding on your app idea. A simple app with basic features and functionality will not deliver you success. You have to think from the users’ perspective before you can deliver a successful app to the audience. Understand and research the market to find out what the users face problems in their day-to-day tasks. Since several apps are present in the market, you have to study the competitor’s app that matches your industry. Find out the features that your competitors lack and work upon them to repack the best of both worlds.

Either too many or too few features

An app floats in the market when it is not complex to understand. The complexity here refers to the availability of features in the app. The app should look clean and simple without so many features taking space on the app screens in the form of buttons or toggles. Embed essential features, but ensure that you do not miss any features. It is crucial to study competitors’ apps and understand what features users critically need. But, at the same time, do not have too many features to be the only everything app for anything. Your goal must be defined, and your features must align with the goal of your app. Test your idea and take app demos from testers or reviewers. Keep the app balanced, where it doesn’t have too many features or too few features.

Not keeping up with the competition

We have had enough talks about being unique and not copying the competitors. A unique idea is a great thing to deliver a successful app. But, uniqueness does not mean that you neglect your competition. 20% of the startups fail because they do not take references from their competitors. Reference is an important word in every domain. Whether it is an app development domain or a marketing domain, you must take references from your rivals. Study what they are doing and how they think. Once you understand, always try to be one step ahead of the competition. Nowadays, everything is online, and you can easily analyze your competitor’s activities or portfolio and experience their apps as an end-user.

Bad capital strategy

Capital is one of the vital elements in starting a business. App development costs a fair amount of money for the startups. A 10% compromise in the capital will result in a compromise with the app’s quality. Start business with 100 % capital and a robust strategy to float your product in the market. Real entrepreneurs do not leave their idea at the center of the path, and rather, they execute what they visualized. So, plan your capital, take the help from government initiatives, friends, family, and your savings to successfully build an app that nowhere compromises on the capital factor.

Performance issues in the app

The list of reasons is incomplete without a proper mention of performance. To eliminate the performance issues, you have to be patient. Do not rush the app launch; instead, take a thorough series of tests until your app development agency commits that it does not have any errors. 90% of the startups fail because they launch their app early without realizing that it still has performance issues and bugs. Give utmost importance to the testing phase and wait patiently until you finally launch your app.

Bad marketing strategy

Without a good market strategy, no app can reach the masses. If you have not planned a robust marketing strategy for your app, your app will not gain popularity irrespective of how good it is. Social media is a powerful tool in marketing. Make sure that you make a presence on the majority of the social media platforms. But, also ensure to work with a well-designed strategy of what you will market and how you will market.


Having a unique idea is one of the most important parts of delivering a successful mobile app. Ensure that you do not copy an exact idea from your competitors. Further, focusing on design and features with a great capital and marketing strategy provides you a higher chance of not failing as a startup. Finally, you must discuss your app project with the mobile app development company, paying more focus on the above reasons so that your mobile app doesn’t lack in any area.

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