5 Ways to Encourage and Improve an Office Learning Culture

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Engaged workers often have a constant desire to learn, which is a good reason to focus on cultivating a learning culture in your organization. Doing so will not only help you attract A-players, but also keep those you already have.

That said, you may not know how to achieve this goal. Focusing on employee performance management is one place to start, but the following tips will also help. Apply the following practical ideas to your business and you’ll have a dynamic workplace culture where everyone has ample opportunity to learn and grow.

Encourage Innovation

Apple is often recognized as one of the most progressive and innovative brands in the world. The company has earned this reputation for several reasons. One key reason, however, is the simple fact innovative Apple employees are given opportunities to work on side projects.

The learning process often involves experiments. Identify your most creative team members and encourage them to devote a certain amount of time each week or month to pursuing these experiments. In doing so, you’ll generate the same kind of learning culture that makes brands like Apple so successful.

Set an Example

Supervisors know that part of their job involves providing employees with feedback. That said, it’s also important to collect feedback from those who you supervise, particularly those who have the opportunity to observe you regularly.

Ask for suggestions regarding how you can improve your work. Apply those that are valuable and make sure your employees see you adopting them. When you clearly demonstrate you’re interested in continuing to learn, they’ll be more likely to follow your lead.

Tip: You’ll receive more honest feedback from employees if you identify your negative responses to perceived criticism and make a visible effort to break those habits.

Offer Help

A supervisor’s job involves communicating the organization’s values and mission to staff and it is a very effective way to boost engagement.

During this process, let employees know one of those values is making sure every member of the company is willing to help his or her coworkers. You must also be clear that employees are welcome to ask for help directly from you whenever they have questions. Workers who are encouraged to leverage the knowledge and skills of their peers and supervisor will be more inclined to focus on learning.

Offer Development Opportunities

A learning culture isn’t exactly effective if employees have no opportunities to grow. Follow through on your commitment to developing a learning culture by offering your workers opportunities to attend seminars, workshops and other educational events. You won’t be just cultivating a desire to learn among your employees; you’re providing the resources to make learning easier.

Communicate Regularly

Every member of your team probably has knowledge or skills that others can learn. Thus, it’s a good idea to plan regular meetings where everyone is given the opportunity to ask questions, present new ideas and discuss creative approaches to upcoming projects. Even if you have a remote team, you can arrange these conferences with the right management tools.

Again, a learning culture doesn’t offer vague benefits. It will directly impact engagement levels among your staff. Additionally, it will make talented candidates far more interested working at your company. That’s why these tips are valuable. Apply them, and you’ll reap major rewards.

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Rae Steinbach

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