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How to Implement a Reward Program for Your Remote IT Team

reward your remote team

Remote work is changing how people work and employees reward a remote team. Learn how and why you improve company culture by finding ways to reward remote employees in this primer.

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed a revolution in remote working. As a result of COVID-19 and lockdowns, the numbers grew tremendously. According to ONS stats, 36% of the workforce worked remotely during the lockdown. Some of these people couldn’t wait to get back to their offices, while others decided to stick to this type of work in the future.

Businesses sure followed this trend, too.

Because of the interest of workers and the many perks, this offers to employers, 55% of businesses globally today offer some opportunities for remote work. If you are one of those businesses, you are on a good track – remote work is one of the most demanded perks by job seekers nowadays.

Why you should reward your remote IT employees

How do you reward and treat people that aren’t in the office?

Many companies today fail to reward the contribution of remote workers because they aren’t in the office. If you hire the right IT experts to work in your company, you can expect a standout performance. Even if your reward plan doesn’t fit their way of work, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t feel appreciated and get a reward for their success.

Everyone wants to be appreciated and recognized if they do good work. Whether you send them a hand-written thank-you note to their home address or give them public praise, rewards are always a great motivating tool. The Society of Human Resource Management reports that 79% of employees work harder because of recognition and are more productive in their work.

When companies focus more on the teams, they see around the office, rewarding your remote team will take you one step ahead. This trend is not about to go away soon, and remote workers in the IT industry can bring you unique perks if you show them appreciation.

Ways to reward your remote team for their hard work

Knowing all this, you should create an excellent plan to reward your remote team. This starts with some planning where you’ll consider your options and your budget, as well as come up with a good reward management system.

Let’s look through some of the rewards you can provide for your IT team.

1.     Motivate them with a volunteering program

Companies nowadays offer volunteering opportunities to their teams for many reasons. They do this to provide their team with personal development and establish their organization as a great brand in the community.

This is optional for your team, but many people want to impact the community and contribute to a good cause. You can click here to check the best employee volunteer programs and figure out what options you have for your remote IT team.

If you offer such opportunities to teams in your office and outside, this can also turn into great team-building activity. It will give people a chance to meet, connect, and build connections with people in their industry.

Let’s not forget how fulfilling and rewarding this can be, too.

2.     Upgrade their remote workplace

An IT expert working from home requires advanced technology and various workspace features to perform at his best. Their not being in-office does not mean that you cannot provide them with all they need to work properly.

If you find an expert that does a marvelous job, your reward program should definitely include home service, technology, and workplace perks and features.

Send them annual technology allowances, purchase tech gadgets that can help their job, send them office tools and a comfy chair, or maybe provide them with membership for a co-working space. Sending a cleaning service every now and then to de-clutter their working space is not a bad idea, either – after all, you are basically providing this to people in your office.

The tools used in the process have a great impact on the work in the IT industry. Don’t expect your team to spend all their salary on upgrading their technology, purchasing expensive software, all to provide you with better and faster solutions. Make this possible for your remote workers if you want to get fantastic work.

3.     Recognize them for their hard work

There are many ways to show your team that you appreciate their hard work. When an IT expert meets a milestone and impresses you, find a way to praise and celebrate their success. Here are some things you can do, big and small, all to give value to the input of remote workers:

  • Celebrate their big accomplishments. When a big project comes to an end all thanks to your remote team, celebrate this milestone. Make a small gathering or a party where you’ll invite your remote workers and praise them in front of everyone.
  • Reward them with more flexibility. Once you make sure that you can rely on an expert, show them that you trust them. Offer these employees more flexibility to help them find a better work-life balance. Give them the opportunity to set their own hours, even for just one week of trial.
  • Little things can show appreciation, too. This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Big events and celebrations are costly, but even little things can demonstrate your appreciation. Treat your IT expert to lunch with the boss. Send them a gift card or voucher to purchase something they need. Give them extra holiday days, or send them a grocery delivery at their doorstep.  If they have a significant other, surprise them with a dinner-for-two delivered at their home.
  • Praise them in company newsletters. As an IT company or one that works with IT experts, you surely use technology a lot. This is a better time than ever to create a monthly newsletter (if you don’t have one already). Use it to praise the best workers of the month. They’ll surely enjoy seeing their photo and a great comment underneath it after a lot of hard work.
  • Write them feedback wherever possible. Your newsletter is just the beginning. Many of these experts work or have worked on different platforms. They have profiles on freelance sites or professional platforms like LinkedIn. If you find them on LinkedIn, give them great feedback as a surprise. This shows them that you went out of your way to recognize their hard work.

Wrapping up

In a world where remote opportunities are not only preferred but often even a prerequisite for good work, we need to adjust and learn how to appreciate these workers. Carve your rewards plan as soon as possible to truly reap the perks of having remote experts!

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