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How you can stay Compliant with the right EHS Software

EHS software

EHS Management – your new Best Friend

Maintaining a high standard of compliance with all the relevant EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) regulations, guidelines, and legislation is vital. This can lead to disorganization, leading you away from other more important tasks on your to-do list. As much as complying with rigorous EHS regulations presents an ongoing challenge, businesses must be ready to adapt and be proactive to ensure they have the right systems in place to maintain compliance.
There are now more EHS software options available to handle EHS compliance management requirements than before. Safety, compliance and risk management systems are the trio of desired solutions for which can be catered to the EHS and compliance management requirements of organizations. Each is tailored to necessary requirements and industry regulations, so outlining logical workflows which can be determined by each company to allow the following, so that change can be implemented to ensure greater overall safety:

  • Capturing and reporting incidents and events
  • Conducting investigations
  • Assigning tasks and actions
  • Identifying causes
  • Assessing HSE trends through easy to use reporting
  • Handle Potential Risks

Providing organisations with the framework and tools for identifying, managing and reducing risks as guided by ISO 31000 Risk Management standards, is what a selection of software solutions offer. What makes the difference is having a system which allows for the identification and review of risks and hazards, which can be easily submitted across the business. Risk management personnel can use the risk register to list sources, categorise, prioritize the risks, and assess causes and impacts.

Go the Extra Mile

Having systems in place that respond to industry standards and allow organisations to adapt to ever-changing requirements continues to be of prevalent importance. By increasingly focusing their EHS strategies on operational risk and improving business performance, organisations are prompting software providers to develop functionality to help them go beyond compliance and track areas such as incident management, performance analysis and management of change.
Moving beyond the traditional compliance structures, it’s time to exceed expectations and realize the paramount essentiality of EHS management solutions.

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