• The Impact of Automation on Employment

    The Impact of Automation on Employment

    The robots are coming – and with them, a change in how work is conducted, organized and divided between humans and machines. But what will the impact of automation on employment really be? Most analysts agree that many jobs will be lost to automation – while many more will also be created. However, as the
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  • Will My Job Be Automated?

    Will My Job Be Automated?

    Will my job be automated? It’s a question that nearly all of us should be asking ourselves as AI and automation technologies continue to advance, and robots replace millions of workers worldwide. Assembly line workers are being automated away by physical robots, administrative assistants by software robots, customer service personnel by chatbots. Even lawyers are
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  • Automation Is Replacing Jobs

    Automation Is Replacing Jobs

    As AI grows smarter, physical robots are put to work building, packing, driving and delivering, while software robots are unleashed in the back office processing invoices, ordering supplies and sending shipping notices. Automation is replacing jobs – of that, there is no doubt – leaving a critical question forming on the lips of many of
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