• Business – IT Relationships

    Business – IT Relationships

    Behave Yourself…Or Else! When I contributed to GamingWorks’ book ‘ABC of ICT’ in 2007, little did I imagine that, ten years later, I’d be writing about the series of business-IT behaviour workshops that I have conducted across more than ten countries, and how my participants’ opinions relate to the top ten issues according to the
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  • Sell me this IT

    Sell me this IT

    It’s all about supply and demand In Martin Scorsese’s biographical black comedy film The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Leonardo DiCaprio plays a stockbroker of dubious morals. In one of the scenes he plays a motivation speaker talking to an audience who have come to learn how to sell. In order to show them how
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  • The benefits of business-IT bickering

    The benefits of business-IT bickering

    In her book and TED Talk ‘The Mathematics of Love’, mathematician Hannah Fry shares her thoughts on the odds of finding your soul mate to the equation that explains the conversation patterns of lasting relationships. The most successful relationships are those with a really low negativity threshold. In those relationships, couples allow each other to
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  • Behave yourself – the business-IT relationship

    Behave yourself – the business-IT relationship

    Guerrilla IT I conducted two pre-conference workshops about ‘Guerrilla IT’ at the itSMF Norway annual event in March 2015. The idea for Guerrilla IT emerged in conversations with itSMF Norway’s Sofi Fahlberg at a conference in 2014. We spoke about people feeling the need to make relatively low key and informal individual contributions to improving
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