• Why do you need a CMDB Tool in 2020? Five Companies to consider

    Why do you need a CMDB Tool in 2020? Five Companies to consider

    Why do you need a CMDB tool in 2020?  ITIL has been around for over 30 years touting the virtues of a configuration management database (CMDB) to help you manage your IT environment and to serve as the core of your IT Service Management (ITSM) processes.  Is this guidance still relevant, or have modern IT
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  • Unpacking Enterprise Architecture and Agile

    Unpacking Enterprise Architecture and Agile

    Christopher Armstrong, president of Sparx Services North America, unpacks the loaded topics of Enterprise Architecture and Agile and the ways industry standards can help companies achieve their agile ambitions. Christopher is a well-known enterprise architecture thought leader and contributor to industry standards including: TOGAF, UML, ArchiMate, SysML, BIZBOK Guide to Business Architecture and TM Forum
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  • How Do You (con)Figure?

    How Do You (con)Figure?

    What is configuration management? People (at least some people) have always been aware that knowing where things are and how things work together are good things to be mindful of. It’s why some have always been attracted to maps and puzzles (which are sometimes the same thing), and have that urge to disassemble and reassemble
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  • Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Some Pros and Cons about implementing Configuration Management In order to discuss the Pros and Cons of anything, you must first establish and agree upon the Goals. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and seeking the same results. It is also important to cover, at a high level, the major activities that should
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  • CMDB – The Ageing Silver Bullet

    CMDB – The Ageing Silver Bullet

    ITSM and a program office’s stewardship of its adoption within an organization, is a key element in the Information Technology Department’s goal of becoming a service oriented organization. Configuration Management (CfM) and the Configuration Management database (CMDB) are foundational building blocks in that adoption that will enable the identification and tracking of how infrastructure components
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  • Automation and the CMDB

    Automation and the CMDB

    Get in, go fast, crash quick…Who cares where you’re going! Speed and aggressiveness have been the approach for many organizations trying to “implement” Configuration Management; or should I say “CMDB”. For as long as I have been involved in Configuration Management, there have always been people out there pontificating on how “Automation will solve all
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