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State of the Future: Optimization of IT, Mobility, Cloud Security in 2023

2023 Technology trends and optimizations

If 2022 were the year that companies recovered from the pandemic, 2023 would be the year of optimization across several areas, including IT, cybersecurity, mobility technology, and more. From improving processes around device geo-tracking to adopting voice search for the C-suite to growing the role of the CIO, 2023 will see companies strive to finetune and improve processes for the better. As we look to the year ahead, here are the significant trends impacting organizations in 2023.

CIOs Take on a New Role

In 2022, CIOs faced mounting pressures as they worked to drive sustainable business growth and strategically enforce digital transformation while determining where budgets would lie in 2023. Some of these areas may not have been the traditional purview of CIOs, but they are now. CIOs are now increasingly involved in selecting and implementing HR/HCM software solutions, tasked with adopting the cloud more rapidly or collaborating on cybersecurity measures for hybrid work. Additionally, CIOs will have to keep an eye on shadow coding, code injection from other sources and monitor applications to track data, battery usage, and the overall behaviour of any device to track its health to maintain productivity and operations.

‘Hey Siri, Predict My (Company’s) Future’

Using voice search to make predictive, data-driven business decisions will become the norm. Already used extensively by consumers, we will see the adoption of voice search in organizations due to its efficient and comprehensive nature. Currently, executives shift through tons of data-filled reports, while time can be saved using voice for quicker results. This is the power of voice search. It removes the need to decipher huge volumes of data and instead ask questions to a voice search engine like, ‘how did my sales go last quarter, or who generated the most leads from this event?’ 

AI in Retail and T&L

Expect mobile technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to play bigger roles in optimizing the in-store shopping experience for consumers in 2023. Some companies have explored using computer vision and the use of cameras inside retail stores to learn about consumer behaviour and offer smart checkout options. Adopting a mobile-first strategy will help retailers have clear communication and collaboration within the supply chain while paving the way for more satisfied customers and a transparent retail-partner relationship.

The Growth of Zero Trust

Zero Trust is an organizational mindset; don’t trust anyone who wants to access or join your corporate network without verifying their credentials. Additionally, if organizations have the right tools to offer single sign-on and validation based on multiple authentication factors, Zero Trust methodologies can be incredibly useful in filtering out cyber threats. We can expect the mentality of Zero Trust to improve mobile security because it ensures that only authenticated users obtain access to corporate information and mobile devices. As organizations look to minimize monetary, reputation, and productivity losses that come with cyberattacks, Zero Trust will only continue to grow in 2023. 

Geolocation Tracking for Security and Efficiency

We can expect IT teams to avoid using public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks and rely on geolocation technology to track devices and lock them down if they go missing. This technology will be even more crucial for remote or hybrid employees whose ‘offices’ change daily. Additionally, some employees prefer to use their own devices as they prove to be more productive when working at home. Geolocation will help enterprises better manage device deployments to maintain productivity and employee satisfaction while protecting against data threats if devices ever go missing. This applies to both outdoor and indoor locations.

Embracing Printer Management and Security Will Be Necessary 

Not much attention has been paid to the fact that printers can be hacked like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, leaving a highly sensitive company or employee data to be potentially exposed. Printing takes place on the retail floor, in a warehouse, and on delivery trucks, so it is critical to stay on top of all corporate printers and ensure they have the latest firmware and security updates. Having visibility into printers (from an IT perspective) is also critical operationally; every minute the printer is down, there are delays in shipping processes, and dollars are lost. In 2023, we will see more emphasis on printer management. 

As organizations adapt to the new world of work, areas traditionally overlooked, such as using unsecured Wi-Fi networks and printer and device management, will be in the limelight in 2023. Add to that the growing emphasis on cybersecurity, AI, voice search, and more, and 2023 will be an exciting year where companies will finally improve, optimize and innovate for the better – their bottom line, their employees, and their customers. 

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