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Keeping Your Brand Presentations Consistent with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how artificial intelligence can develop brand recognition through consistency among all marketing channels.

When you see the Apple logo, you immediately think of “Apple” and its products. Companies that take time to market and use a consistent brand logo can obtain recognition for that logo. This recognition can translate into revenue. As users search for a specific product, having brand recognition can give your business an advantage over competitors. Customers intuitively trust a brand they recognize, which means sales. One aspect of brand recognition is consistency across all marketing channels so that your logo and sales material are easily recognizable.

Brand Recognition Leads to Customer Loyalty

Studies show that almost 60% of shoppers prefer buying from brands that they already know. The way you represent your brand plays a significant role in recognition, so any marketing campaign must include images and designs that customers can easily recognize, whether product packaging on a store shelf or thumbnail images displayed on an eCommerce website.

You can envision the way consumers think by identifying your own shopping experience. In many cases, you might go searching for a product by a specific brand. Maybe you want a laptop and only want a MacBook from Apple. Perhaps you only use Google as your search engine, because you trust its results. If you want fast food, you might go with Burger King or McDonald’s. The common component in these examples is that you immediately think of a brand name when you decide you want a specific product. This connection between a product and a brand is what generates loyalty and sales.

For businesses, being the brand consumers think about when shopping is a primary target for marketing. Marketing is how you get to that point in your business growth, and it requires consistency across all branding, including your logos, design, brochures, website, and communications. If you can get to a point where consumers recognize your brand, your business will experience customer loyalty, which means simply having a product on a store shelf or listed on an eCommerce site will generate sales.

Recognizable logo design and content also generate brand equity. Equity is another term for “word of mouth” referrals and the way customers talk about your business. It’s a way to market without actually spending large amounts of money to get your brand recognized. Instead of expensive marketing, brand equity gives your business visibility to new customers who will eventually try your products and services from other customer positive experiences.

How Artificial Intelligence Develops Brand Recognition Through Consistency

Brand equity and recognition depend on consistency in the way you present products through advertising and communication. Consistency must be applied to all advertising channels, whether online, television commercials, social media, or physical brochures. For some businesses, this means that they need a designer and marketing agency to create presentations so that they can then be used in various marketing communications, but artificial intelligence (AI) can take images, layouts, colors, and designs and apply them consistently to generate content without involving third parties.

Creating presentations is often left to creatives who must build layouts and designs. Still, with the help of artificial intelligence and technology, organizations can build marketing campaign materials that stay consistent and generate brand awareness without requiring hours of work from employees. The advantage of using technology and algorithms that “learn” your brand using artificial intelligence, presentations, and marketing content stays consistent and eliminates any human error.

An example of the importance of branding is in presentation documents. Presentation layouts usually require approval from legal and must be designed in a way that represents your brand. The layouts must then be applied evenly across all presentation documents. In many organizations, the fonts, images, and colors must be consistent, and no changes can be made to the document other than adding content.

As employees add content to their presentation documents, they might change any key branding elements, which ruins consistency. As more employees join the organization, additional changes could be made to the design unknowingly to other departments who also use their own design. As the changes get out of hand, the organization faces issues with marketing communication display on presentations.

With artificial intelligence, algorithms pull standard images and layouts from your own library and generate these presentations within minutes without inconsistencies. In addition to keeping your presentations consistent, these documents can be created within minutes. It usually takes managers hours to build effective presentations, so not only will artificial intelligence keep branding consistent, it also saves employees time and lets them focus on other more important activities.

Instead of managers spending hours creating presentations, artificial intelligence will generate documents within minutes. The logo, designs, colors, and images stay consistent without leaving users to create presentations and sticking to specifications. The technology can ensure that your marketing materials are consistent so that you can continue building brand loyalty, trust, equity, and sales.

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