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Disrupt and Win in the Mexican Digital Revolution

digital transformation

The Mexican industry is undergoing an enormous digital transformation, resulting from the combination of more agile and innovative players and the intrusion of new technologies in all aspects of the business. As a result, already established market participants have the urgent need to reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive in the face of the threat of new competitors and changes in consumer preferences.

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) 2017: Mexico  will dive into the digital transformation focusing on the challenges and prospects across different industries. The annual summit will be hosted on November 30, 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City.

“The key takeaway about digital transformation is that new menaces do not come from established players, but instead from start-ups that shake industries. Then, every organization must be ready to lead the change, or risk to be disrupted,” says Ignacio Perrone, Digital Transformation Industry Manager at Frost & Sullivan.

Thought leaders from global high technology industries such as Telecommunications, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, Oil & Gas sectors will converge to discuss how to seize potential opportunities from breakaway business models and value chains, as well as define a road map that will help ensure long-term success. The summit will showcase exclusive expert insights on Mexico’seconomic scenario and Nafta’s implications, the future of Internet of Things, opportunities in the country’s Smart City ecosystem, domestic and cross-border Ecommerce by the global Frost & Sullivan team and pioneering decision makers such as:

  • Juan Carlos Pineda Baker, Mexico’s Undersecretary of Foreign Trade Economy, Economy Minister
  • Victor Lagunes, Head of the Unit of Innovation and Technological Strategy, Office of the President of Mexico
  • Mario Arauz, General Director of Government Innovation and Intelligent Cities, Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Dr. Adolfo Moreno, Healthcare Manager, Neoris
  • Alberto Bonetti, COO, Yellow Pepper
  • Aurelio Lagarda Fierro, Deputy Director of IT Services, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)
  • Guillermo Zúñiga Martínez, National Commissioner, Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)
  • Jorge A. Ortiz, Founding President & CEO, Fintech México
  • Dr. Fátima Itzel López Fernández, Head of Innovation and Technology Management, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS)
  • Fernando Oliveros, CEO, Medtronic
  • Martha González Pérez-Sandi, Director of Cognitive Solutions, IBM Mexico
  • Nabil Malouli, Vice President, Customer Solutions & Innovation, DHL
  • Myriam Cosio, COO, Clip
  • Paulo Carreño, CEO, ProMéxico
  • Peter Wiegant, Chief Commercial and Transformation Officer, Grupo Lala
  • Sergio Mejía, Country Manager, Genesys México

In the afternoon, the audience will have the opportunity to choose between 4 concurrent Think Tanks. These interactive sessions present a unique opportunity to interact with industry front runners and brainstorm on the strategies that will govern the market growth in the near future:

  • Reinventing the Future of Financial Services: identify growth opportunities generated by digital transformation and connect with Mexico’s Fintech key groundbreakers.
  • Digital Transformation Impacting the Mexican Healthcare Market: benchmark experiences and spot opportunities in the adoption of Health Informatics.
  • Digitization in the Automotive Industry: discover new digital mobility and retail business models that are reshaping the way of doing business.
  • Security and Oil & Gas: Physical and Digital Solutions: find out what best practices can be taken from other emerging energy markets and applied to Mexico.

Strategic Partners: ProMéxico, DHL, T-Systems, Gold Sponsors: Impartner, Genesys and Silver Sponsor: Verint will support this Digital Transformation journey.

Source – PR Newswire

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