Doug Tedder

Doug Tedder is the principal of Tedder Consulting LLC, an ITSM and IT Governance consultancy based in Fishers, Indiana. Doug is a strategic, innovative, and solutions-driven service management professional with over twenty five years of experience across a variety of industries. He is a resourceful, pragmatic, and hands-on leader with a proven track record of success implementing ITSM, focusing on value delivery and organizational transformation. Doug holds the ITIL® Expert, ITIL® Service Manager, ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Manager, and other industry certifications. He is peer-recognized as a Fellow in Service Management (FSM TM). Doug is also a certified ITIL® Foundation and HDI trainer. An active volunteer within the ITSM community, Doug is a frequent presenter and contributor at industry user group meetings, webinars, and conferences. He is a member and former president of itSMF USA, as well as a member of HDI.

Latest from Doug Tedder

  • ITSM implementation in 4 (apparently) Difficult Steps

    ITSM implementation in 4 (apparently) Difficult Steps

    So many ITSM initiatives are exercises in “fire-aim-ready”. And it is for that very reason that so many ITSM implementations fail to achieve their potential. With too much focus on implementing a tool and turning on the so-called “out-of-the-box” processes, little thought is given to the business drivers for an ITSM implementation.  Not much time
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  • “Agile IT” doesn’t mean “Wild Wild West”

    “Agile IT” doesn’t mean “Wild Wild West”

    “IT can’t be nimble and responsive if it has to be consistent, repeatable, and reliable.” Have you heard that?  Have you thought that? The fact is that being consistent, repeatable, and reliable are the keys to IT being nimble and responsive. However, the problem with many IT organizations is they’ve essentially become (or are perceived
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  • The End of Incident Management (as we know it!)

    The End of Incident Management (as we know it!)

    Can you imagine an ITSM world without Incident Management? While important, Incident Management (IM) is one of the most inefficient (and sometimes ineffective) ITSM processes. So much of the success (or failure) of IM depends on human interpretation.  What is the consumer seeing?  What kind of day is the consumer having? What does the consumer
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  • (Lack of) Organizational Will

    (Lack of) Organizational Will

    A roadblock to improvement When it comes to your ITSM implementation, does your company suffer from a lack of organizational will? It’s the CIO that knows that resources are too busy fire-fighting due to constantly implementing poorly designed and tested changes, but doesn’t want to sign off on a change management policy. It’s the service
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  • ITSM Jones and the Search for the Silver Bullet

    ITSM Jones and the Search for the Silver Bullet

    We join our protagonist, Isaac Thomas Smyth Jones (or “ITSM Jones” as he prefers to be called), as he reflects on his search for the Silver Bullet of ITSM. He had been searching for years for this Silver Bullet of lore that would solve all of his service management issues in a matter of days,
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  • ITSM – It’s All About Balance

    ITSM – It’s All About Balance

    Think Outcomes, not Frameworks and Methodologies When I see discussions on social media like “Will <framework A> work with <methodology B>?” I have to admit that it drives me a little bonkers. The answer is always “yes it will”. What the real question should be “how can I achieve the best outcomes from the use
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  • You are Here. Now What? Your ITSM Journey

    You are Here. Now What? Your ITSM Journey

    I don’t visit shopping malls that often. When I do visit the mall, it seems that a new store has moved in, or a store has relocated or left the mall. And yes, I also have to admit that when I go to the mall, I am in ‘man shopping’ mode. I’m sure you know
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