Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley is a writer, speaker, trainer, consultant and bridge builder at Smalley.IT. Also known as The IT Paradigmologist. He helps people discover where they are and to visualize where they want to be. His main area of interest is the management of IT systems and services. Mark is a contributor to bodies of knowledge such as ASL, BiSL, BRM, COBIT, DevOps, IT4IT, ITIL, VeriSM and XLA. He has spoken at hundreds of events in more than thirty countries.
When it comes to product ownership, it takes two to tango- the business and IT

Full Product Ownership

A good concept that fails to deliver The concept of the product owner, who represents the business’ interests in Agile/Scrum software development activities, seems like

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The Cynefin framework provides a crossroads where incident management and strategy can meet

Strategic Incident Management

The intersection between operations and strategy When most people hear “incident management”, something operational comes to mind. Like restoring IT services after a glitch in

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be aware of the IT value chain

Exploring the IT Value Chain

Technically-oriented people often find it difficult to ‘sell’ their initiatives to decision-makers, resulting in missed opportunities, frustration and a poor image for the IT department.

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Mark Smalley has a great mantra for IT Improvement

My IT Improvement Mantra

Effective, Efficient and Energizing One of the most satisfying parts of my work as an IT management consultant is helping IT departments improve how they

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