Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley is a writer, speaker, trainer, consultant and bridge builder at Smalley.IT. Also known as The IT Paradigmologist. He helps people discover where they are and to visualize where they want to be. His main area of interest is the management of IT systems and services. Mark is a contributor to bodies of knowledge such as ASL, BiSL, BRM, COBIT, DevOps, IT4IT, ITIL, VeriSM and XLA. He has spoken at hundreds of events in more than thirty countries.
business-IT Alignment

Who is Your Customer?

Language is important Seemingly innocent questions can provide revealing answers. Just think about asking somebody in an IT department “Who is your customer?”. More often

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Chances are that your enterprise is a Digital Enterprise, whether you realise it or not

The Digital Enterprise

When the business is the IT service provider Your organisation might not be a unicorn like Amazon and Netflix but there’s a likelihood that it’s

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