Michael Keeling

Michael has been providing consulting and guidance in IT Operations, ITSM and SIAM to enterprise level organizations in many industries for more than 20 years, and has extensive background in data center and service desk operations, technical writing, mentoring, cause analysis and workflow improvement. He is known for bringing the view of a detective to these efforts, perspective he credits to education in crime scene investigation and over 10 years designing processes and performing risk management in the private security sector prior to his career in IT. A confirmed realist that believes no project can be truly successful unless all involved parties are grounded in reality, Michael is always prepared to paint ‘the elephant in the room’ bright yellow when appropriate….

Latest from Michael Keeling

  • A Series of Symbiotic Events

    A Series of Symbiotic Events

    Event the First: The Party When normal people think of an event, they envision some type of significant gathering of like-minded people drawn to promises of being provided something they all want to experience. This might be anything from a wedding to a small town festival to the release of the latest iPhone to the
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  • Working in the Shadows

    Working in the Shadows

    “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” This famous line was created for the 1930’s era pulp drama “The Shadow”, and was always followed by the answer “The Shadow knows!” While those days are bygone, the specter of hidden behavior is not, and unless you remain diligent its effects will sooner or
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  • Getting drunk on ITSM processes

    Getting drunk on ITSM processes

    Are the ITSM processes in your business making people tipsy, making them wander aimlessly through activities but not really aware of where they are going or what they are trying to do? Or perhaps giving people the feeling they are experiencing a particularly bad hangover? You may even find that some of your processes are
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  • Why doesn’t this work? Don’t blame the ITSM Frameworks

    Why doesn’t this work? Don’t blame the ITSM Frameworks

    A common problem If you stop and think about it, I will bet all of you reading this have heard (or said) the words “It isn’t working!” or some variation of them in the not too distant past. The reason I believe this is a safe bet is based on probability, because our world is
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  • Service Management and Me (and you too!)

    Service Management and Me (and you too!)

    All of my jobs have been service jobs I will come back to this, and how it likely applies to you too, shortly. First though, I want to invite you to step into my memory for a brief tour of my service management journey thus far. My first job was manning a concession stand at
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  • The Customer is (NOT) Always Right – The Customer Service Conundrum

    The Customer is (NOT) Always Right – The Customer Service Conundrum

    Popularized many years ago by those in the business of selling, the phrase “The customer is always right” continues to be a mantra for well-meaning businesses in myriad industries. It sounds good; after all, the premise is based on the desire to provide great customer service that will see the customer happy, to ensure they
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  • When Problem Management is the Problem

    When Problem Management is the Problem

    Humans have been solving problems for millions of years Now of course by saying that I am including versions of humanity extending back further than the recognized emergence of our current incarnation homo sapiens. But even if we restrict ourselves to just that period we are still attributing what most estimates peg at about 200,000
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  • Lie To Me

    Lie To Me

    Are your metrics and reporting telling you what you need to know, or what you want to hear? Not long ago, as I was reviewing another Excel file containing row after row of “KPIs”, the playlist I had running in the background kicked off a personal favorite, which opens with the words “Lie to me,
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