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The Offices of The Future: Using IoT Devices to Turn your Boring Office into a Smart Office

IoT devices

The IoT (internet of things) is everywhere. This refers to networked Wi-Fi devices capable of sharing information with each other and with people. Automation, on the other hand, comes from devices that are capable of performing tasks on their own.

These IoT devices can provide you a smart office where information processing and other routine tasks are programmed or managed remotely. Offices of the future can incorporate IoT technology to allow faster and more accurate operations, greater security, and better communication.

Here are some of the gadgets you can use now.

August Smart Lock

The August lock takes a more practical approach than most electronic locks. It is attached to a standard deadbolt on your door.

There’s no need for extensive hardware or installations. From outside the door, nobody will even know you have a Smart Lock in place.

It operates through a smartphone app with transmission of a virtual key that locks or unlocks the deadbolt. This key can be shared or altered as needed.

Apart from restricting access to approved individuals, you never have to worry about losing keys or doors being left unlocked. You can lock the door with your mobile device from the parking lot or the drive home. August Smart Lock also provides an optional keypad if you lose or forget your phone.

Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

Regulating office temperature is much easier to manage with an Ecobee3. It can be programmed to follow the temperature schedules and settings you choose, but also includes remote sensors to control individual rooms and the ability to power up or shut down other connected devices.

It can be integrated with the successful IFTTT service to create your own custom temperature “recipe”. The Ecobee3 thermostat also works with popular automation platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThing, and Logitech Harmony.

These features will allow you to both save money on power bills and keep your office workers more comfortable. That leads to better employee satisfaction and better job performance.

Synology DiskStation DS115j

Synology’s DS115j is a single-drive NAS (network-attached storage) device with some versatile capabilities. It can operate as a file server or be connected to surveillance cameras to log security footage.

There are also different versions for your needs and budget, such as a smaller disk-less model. A larger 2-bay NAS allows another drive for file backups or gives your NAS the capacity to fill dual roles.

Your employees can also synchronize the DS115j with their personal cloud storage platforms. You have the option of mobile teams. Remote work is a welcome opportunity that enables employees to be productive while on the road or relaxing at home.

Philips Hue Lighting

This product allows you to adjust the level of light in your office to make visually detailed tasks easier on the eyes. It’s also designed to reduce the glare from computer screens. You can set office lighting to work best with whatever natural sunlight is present.

One bridge can manage up to 50 LED lights of different colors. This can create millions of ambient hues to help you achieve the ideal environment, all controlled over a smartphone app. It also includes sensors allowing you to monitor room occupancy for efficiency and cost savings.

The Philips hue lighting helps to reduce eyestrain and resultant job fatigue for workers. This gives them more stamina while alleviating stress. Among the many benefits of smart lighting systems, your staff will find it easier and more pleasant to do their jobs.

Atmoph Window

The Window embodies the next generation of office décor and enhanced functionality. It’s a digital display that can show high-resolution images and video, such as classic paintings or footage of company events.

You can entertain your employees with a virtual window that looks out on a tropical jungle or gamboling puppies. It can also provide more useful views, such as the time, weather updates, or a calendar display of scheduled meetings.

The Atmoph Window gives your office a high-tech look that can both keep your people informed and brighten their moods. Both are important for an engaged and productive workforce.

Smarter Coffee

Coffee is a universal staple giving workers a boost each morning or toward the end of a long day. A smart coffee maker is both a luxury and convenience that will improve morale and save time.

Smarter Coffee allows employees to start afresh brew from a mobile app and make personal adjustments to strength, temperature, and more. It also allows you to schedule around break times, or set alerts in case something goes wrong. It works with a range of iOS and Android devices so your employees can have coffee made their way, and ready to go, whenever they need it.

Beam Projector

This device has potential for busy or mobile workers. All you have to do is screw it into a lightbulb socket and it will project the images you supply via a mobile app onto any flat surface, such as the nearest wall. This will make staging meetings or client presentations a breeze.

It’s a small device you could carry in a pocket that works with most iOS and Android phones. It will also integrate with the IFTT service to give you access to other features and connected smart devices.


This product brings the concept of the sticky note to the 21st-century digital format. Unlike the paper notes of yesterday, SeeNote is a compact ePaper device that can also provide user interaction with the documents you’re posting.

A SeeNote purchase comes with a mobile app for remote editing and sharing. You can keep employees updated on schedule changes, important announcements, and more. It provides a flexible, fun, and simple way to improve communications for increased efficiency and team building.

In summary, smart technology is streamlining operations companies of all kinds. You will find tools that improve employee performance and morale for vital needs like communicating, sharing files, or just making terrific coffee. A growing variety of IoT devices can transform your workplace for the better.


Smart Office

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