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New Partnership Brings Big Data to iOS Apps

Big data software and solutions

Bringing big data apps to iPhone applications is a new partnership. This partnership aims to streamline the making of enterprise applications.

Technology companies, Apple and SAP, announced a new partnership to bring Microsoft big data applications to iOS. The partnership brings a new SAP HANA Cloud Platform software development kit to iOS exclusively, together with a training academy for creating enterprise apps. Moreover, the partnership also brings a training academy to help developers create applications that are particular to the direct requirements of their organizations. The native must have iPhone apps could use business processes SAP S/4HANA, while also using the features of iOS, such as the TouchID, notifications and location services.

Applications built with Apple’s Swift

Apps would be made using Swift, together with the SAP Fiori for iOS design language. Another part of the deal is SAP would native iOS app develop for important business operations. Although it’s not exactly clear what the applications would accomplish, there’s a reason to believe that big data analytics would be a huge part of what SAP produces for Apple. Aside from references to ‘enterprise data’, all throughout the release, Bill McDermott, the CEO of SAP said that they will help deliver live data whenever and wherever.

Power tools bundle big data

The value for SAP is that it acquires it tools in front of more business users and this could hopefully upgrade its legacy image through aligning itself with a company known for cutting edge design as well as a modern approach. The partnership for Apple is a chance to capture enterprise market with the kinds of business tools, which are getting a more and more important aspect of the mobile workforce. For a long time, Apple has been lauded by analysts and customers alike as the most secure mobile option. As such, it’s attracted quite a following and became the most used mobile operating system in today’s enterprises in mature markets.

Big data concepts

The concepts of big data are related to the collection and data handling, which will not be possible via traditional means. It involves things such as distributed computing, database models, storage and retrieval of data and more. Data science and analytics may or may not utilize big data tech but are not part of huge data and in concept are not related. Big data and analytics address a couple of different issues. Big data wise, utilizing it or otherwise on mobile applications mostly depends on the volume of data. There are issues addressed by huge data, but are rare in mobile applications. Undoubtedly, volume is the one problem that’s more likely to happen for mobile applications. Analytics wise, one has to understand their mobile applications role.

Apple claims to be an enabler of big data

Apple positions itself as an enabler of big data in people’s lives. Also, it has been used in its own internal systems. Apple often has been secretive regarding the processes behind the traditionally biggest strength, which is product design. Nonetheless, it’s also know that big data plays a part here. Data is gathered about when, where and how the products, such as tablets, smart phones, computers and now watches are used to find out what new features have to be added or how they’re operated could be tweaked to give the most logical and comfortable user experience.

Siri voice recognition features of iOS devices is proven to be popular with users as well, and this too is powered by big data. Voice data that’s captured by the machine is uploaded to the cloud analytics platforms that compare them side by side millions of other user-centric commands to help it to be better at recognizing speech patterns as well as match users more accurately to the data they are looking for. Apple keeps the data for a couple of years, disassociated from one’s true identity and assigned with a one-of-a-kind anonymous indicator as an exception to ascertain privacy.

Cloud-based storage solutions from Apple

Like its largest competitors, Apple also provides computing and productivity solutions and cloud-based storage for both business and consumer use. The purchased FoundationDB, which is a popular proprietary database architecture that is used widely for big data apps.

Although Apple may have been slower in its big data and analytics uptake, compared to its rivals, yet it’s clear that it plays a huge part to stay ahead of the competition. It’s likely that it would attempt and use it to move away from relying on largely costly, episodic product releases to drive growth as a business and more into a more constantly-regenerating and organic growth model favored by its competitors in the software and services industry. If Apple could meld its excellence trademark in user-friendliness and design with innovative big data uses, it will continue to surprise people with services and products that become ingrained in everyday life continually.

iOS apps continue to evolve as it integrates with big data and analytics. Big data and iOS applications bring great uses to businesses and users alike.

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