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OVR – Scent Technology for Better Digital Experiences 

OVR making smell digital

Imagine being able to smell flowers in the Metaverse. Thanks to OVR Technology, the possibility of smelling digital through Olfactory Virtual Reality (OVR), is closer to reality than you might think. We sat in on a presentation by co-founder and CEO of OVR Technology, Aaron Wisniewski, at CES 2023, and here is what we discovered.

Since 2017, OVR Technology has improved the digital experience through innovative, wearable scent technology. This multidimensional digital technology has revolutionized social communication, entertainment, health and wellness, commerce, and more.

Smell is the only one of our human senses directly connected to the limbic part of our brain, which controls behavior, emotions, and thought processes, the CEO and co-founder explained in his presentation. So, why not invest in scent technology as we do with perfumes or air fresheners? 

How OVR Technology Works

OVR has strived to transform the human physical experience into a digital one, starting with the development of Ion 3. Available this year, the wearable, personal and associative device releases scents that can be combined rapidly for whoever is wearing the device and that person only. “Through the power of our wearable scent device, Ion 3, all of our digital experience can be more immersive, more digitally engaging, and more human,” explained Wisniewski. 

OVR Features and Partners

The device offers replaceable scentwear cartridges. Fragrances were pre-selected based on years of market and medical research, including data on mental health and emotional responses to scent. 

Scent Studio, an innovative mobile app, furthers the experience by empowering users to interact and create their own scents through limitless combinations or try other smells that others have created based on their sought-out digital experience. These scents have been shown to trigger a significant emotional response for those who wear the device.

OVR has partnered with several companies, including Healium, a digital company focused on health and wellness using biofeedback. Additionally, the company has partnered with Wild Venture XR, focusing on immersive entertainment and storytelling in nature.


The importance of smell in the human experience is simply undeniable. As our digital experience becomes increasingly immersive and reflective of our physical experience, OVR is sure to become more prominent in the market, having a growing presence for those looking for a more immersive and emotional digital experience.


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