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10 Reasons to Choose Cloud-based Intranet Solution over On-premise

cloud-based intranet

Cloud-based intranet is the better option, explore the reasons why.

In years past, on-site business intranets were the go-to options for almost every organization. But with the changing dynamics of the market, business needs, and economic scenarios, businesses have started considering cloud-based solutions. According to various studies, over 80% of the organizations are expected to migrate to the cloud by 2025. Cloud intranet is the solution that opens up multiple operating arenas for businesses with increased efficiency and productivity levels.

Let’s explore the benefits that a cloud-based intranet offers over an on-premise intranet.

  • Significant Cost-Savings: The cloud-based intranet offers easy setup and eliminates expensive purchases, therefore reducing the up-front expenditures in the first place. With an initial setup fee and chosen monthly payment, you not only simplify but also enhance the co-ordination of the organizational working. It also reduces staffing costs as managers/administrators can effectively manage the platform.
  • Round-the-clock access from anywhere: 24×7 accessibility has got clear benefits. It allows the businesses located in different time zones to operate easily and also access the documents/files from anywhere and anytime if required. It seamlessly connects geographically distant employees, fastening the communication. Moreover, the employees can access business-related information from any device, any location, and anytime.
  • Quick integration: A cloud intranet doesn’t need an infrastructural setup from scratch. It eliminates the buying and setup of servers, coding, and no hiring of IT staff. Just decide the best solution for your organization and start working.
  • Seamless operations and periodic backups: Intranets can engage employees and deliver expected results without any glitches and ensure seamless information/ document exchange. Cloud intranets function on powerful servers preventing the risks of failures and delays in the platform. In case it fails due to any issues, the backup servers keep-up the smooth working of the platform.
  • Automated upgrades: Cloud-based solutions ensure all the latest updates are installed automatically.  It relieves the IT department of scheduling updates and building downtime. Automatic upgrades eliminate the need to reboot and test and ensure optimum working efficiency of the intranet.
cloud-based intranet
  • Custom-made solution: An organization can create a smooth, dynamic employee experience that encourages them to engage, collaborate, and communicate with the help of a cloud-based intranet. The cloud-based intranet can be tailored to best meet the organizational needs. And, as the business expands, the company’s intranet expands as well.
  • Better security: A cloud intranet offers more security than an on-premise system. Cloud-based intranet provider ensures security via digital signatures, patterns, or passwords and thus works in the best interest of the company. It also avoids the need for additional and expensive security systems or experts.
  • Complete Agility & Scalability: Another added advantage of cloud-based intranet solutions is that it offers the flexibility of adding/removing the employees at any given point of time. From the infrastructure point of view, no additional setup is required, except few online configurations. Thus one can easily match the growing business needs.
  • Creation of an all-in-one platform: Doing everything in one place helps the employees achieve their goals faster. It gets the job done quickly giving them more time. The cloud-based intranet acts as a multi-dimensional platform for:
  • Internal communication
  • Collaboration
  • Employee engagement
  • Real-time updates: A cloud-based intranet updates everyone as soon as there is any development, as it is important for everyone to stay up to date to make better-informed decisions.

Any organization aiming for business upgrades is bound to consider the cloud intranet option. The above-listed benefits of this solution clearly highlight the edge gained by the businesses with cloud-based intranet installation. Although deciding between either of the options depends on the business’s nature, scale, and many other options. Understanding your business and business needs is the primary requirement before the adaptation of cloud-based intranet solutions.

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