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Indian Data Centers – What is the Attraction?

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Demand for increasing storage capacity and continuous rise in data usage has pushed the expansion of data centers all across the globe. In India, this segment has been hastened by several positive factors, such as government projects including Digital India or Make in India, and the growth of different sectors including banking, financial services, insurance, and information technology. As a result, the Indian data center industry has grown rapidly in the past few years. One example of this growth is the fact that Amazon’s cloud computing established its first data center infrastructure in India in 2016, launching two data center locations in Mumbai.

To meet the growing demands of businesses and customers, data centers are spending billions of dollars on improving infrastructure and making it more advanced. On the other hand, companies also have to cater to the needs of a technology-driven market. This is why there seems to be a race among them to embrace cloud, analytics, and security.

Research carried out by Gartner on the value of the Indian data center infrastructure and solutions market show that is has increased at a rate of 5.2% year-on-year. There are plenty of convincing reasons for companies to consider a move to Indian data centers for services.


Let us get to know the real drivers behind it this shift

  • Many tech giants including Microsoft, IBM, Tata Telecommunication are now competing to set up data centers all across the country. Some of them like Microsoft has already set up cloud data centers in Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune and its cloud business is growing rapidly
  • Indian data centers offer advanced services at affordable rates in comparison to international data center services
  • Most data centers have been, or are being set up, in strategically chosen locations to maximize benefits
  • Companies do not experience any communication barriers as the majority of Indian companies offer service in a language that clients are comfortable with
  • Indian data centers provide customized services and can modify them according to the needs of companies.

Top Data Centers in India

Let us go through some of the top data centers in India and try to find out what make them so popular.

Netmagic Solutions

Netmagic Solutions is well recognized as a leading hosting service provider in India. Started in 1998, it was acquired by NTT Communications in 2012.

The company owns seven data centers which are located in Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. The company is trusted by some of the well-known clients like Flipkart, so there is no room for doubt in their level of expertise for providing server spaces. Netmagic is also one of the very few green data centers as well as cloud computing companies in India. Multilevel security systems, alarm, and suppression systems are some of the features of Netmagic’s data centers.


Very few people know that Sify was India’s first company to set up its data center in the country. At present, the company owns 5 Tier III level data centers in Noida, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Regarding quality, the service of Sify never disappoints. The company takes pride for owning 3000 enterprise level clients hailing from a variety of departments like banking, finance, telecommunication and insurance. Their latest data center is based in Noida which is considered one of the most powerful, and cost efficient data center.

CtrlS Datacenter

CtrlS is one of the leading data service providers in India. Its data centers are based in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. CtrlS Mumbai-based data center is India’s first Tier 4 certified datacenters. It is the highest rating for a data center if we take security, performance, disaster management and service uptime in consideration.

It is also one of the few green data centers of the country. Their present clientele list includes some of the leading global telecom companies, top banks, and several multinational corporations, like State Bank of India, Aircel, NTPC, GENPACT to name a few.


Reliance is one of the prime data center providers of India. It owns nine internet data centers having a total hosting space of 2,56,000 sq. ft. Reliance is presently known for handling over 25,000 servers daily. They own 350 firewells, and their data centers are connected to around 52 other companies overseas.

Go4hosting Data Center

Go4hositng is one of the biggest and most reliable names when it comes to data center solutions in India. They offer a fully secure and high resilient data center service. Go4hosting has operational two Tier III data centers in Jaipur and Noida. Plus, they are N+1 redundant with multiple power backup and recovery systems. The best thing about Go4hosting is their uniquely designed and performance driver servers that offer client a cost-effective data center solution. Moreover, Go4hosting data centers are also praised for their data archiving, accessibility, scalability and 24×7 technical support with experts constantly monitoring the servers.


CloudOYE is another trusted name for providing data center solutions in India. It has gained much praise and fame for its amazing growth over past few years. It is an experienced web hosting company with data centers at Noida and Jaipur. CloudOYE is known as one of the most experienced data centers company with operations extending back to 2000. Its data centers offer N+1 redundancy through Tier III data centers. The key features of CloudOYE data centers include solid infrastructure, full technical support through a dedicated team, SLA guaranteed 99.95% network uptime and redundant power supply.

Filtering down to your exact business requirements, you should choose a datacenter that helps you advance towards your business goals.  Choosing one might be a tough call given to the competition and the services offered. However, there’s always one that clicks with your demands just as it should.

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