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Changing Conversations – the importance of communication

Communication can start over a cup of coffee

An organization is a complex being with unique thought patterns that impact on every decision made and every action taken. The body cannot follow where the mind won’t go. If you want to change your business, you need to change the conversations happening within it.

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Communication is a dynamic place. People aren’t difficult…just different! This also means the conversations they have to vary greatly from one mindset to the next dependent on the role, position within the organization and something deeper – their values. But before you can delve deeper and look to change the conversations that are holding the business back, how about observing where those conversations happen – is the environment surrounding them conducive to free-flowing interaction?

Coffee Talks

A simple thought from Johan Oberg of M2M Partner & Marketing focuses on what is the normal hub of an office – the coffee machine. We know from various studies that many an idea, issue or decision is discussed in this very place. Imagine if the machine was connected to your communication systems and had an information screen. Take it a step further – what if it also had a biorecognition of the person making the brew and was able to push information that was relevant to them and any other person present at the same time? Suddenly it is not just a coffee machine where you may find awkward chit chat but a conversation starter about current business issues.

Such an idea means you are changing the subject of their interaction but through augmenting normal behavior patterns. It encourages more topical conversation and can even spark new ideas whether that creates a new project, improvement or even solve a particular problem.

You may think the above sounds a little far-fetched or even crazy but so did walking on the moon when it was first proposed. Companies that focus on addressing knowledge access in all its possible facts are leading the way in collaboration and conversations that count!

Awareness is the start of any change so take advantage of where the people gather in order to build that awareness. Set minds thinking in new ways and you bring a breath of fresh air where you find it stultified. Consider how you’re using technology from a human perspective.

Remember – it’s all about People Connected, Knowledge Shared, Possibilities Discovered and Potential Realized.

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