How To Build Multi-Layered Security Strategy With Aws Consultants

Multi-Layered Security Strategy

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What do successful businesses do to keep up with status? Well, they offer high-quality services and products, appreciate clients, and make sure they do it out of adding value rather than dispassionate profit-making ( the latter one will come naturally).

Yet, one more aspect brings the business to the top – customers’ trust. If the people trust the company, they stay forever and bring friends with them. The trust is gained by sticking to all the key moments mentioned in the first paragraph alongside one of the most crucial – security. 

If the customers know that everything they share with the company is protected and not likely to be hacked for all the worst purposes, they can advertise the company better than any marketing department.

Moreover, not only the customers’ data safety is essential. The company’s data has got to be protected by constantly appearing malware that exploits IT configurations lacking security and breaches the network, shaking the solid base the business is placed on.

Cybersecurity becomes a key focus for the companies to continue their fruitful activity. For example, the Amazon Web Services ( AWS) infrastructure is one of the safest cloud computing hubs existing today. It has been created to ensure a highly scalable and reliable environment for quick and secured app deployment. You can always get the AWS consultants to see whether AWS benefits your business. 

Further down the line, the concept of cybersecurity will unfold by understanding the multi-layered security strategy and why it is important.

Multi-Layered Approach Strategy Overview

Security software ( firewall, antivirus programs) perform their protective functions very well, yet they are not intended to be fighting against intricate attacks that usually try to undermine certain levels of the tech infrastructure. That’s when developing a multi-layered security strategy must get involved.

Developing the right multi-layered approach means securing each level with a backup, lowering the intensity of the attack, giving the system a chance to tackle it. 

Amazon Web Services operates a shared security responsibility structure that provides control of any single action happening within the AWS surrounding, ensuring special attention to the layers dealing with sensitive data. To make sure AWS security options are fully deployed for the exact business case, an AWS consultant must be ready to instruct throughout every step of adjustment.

AWS consulting services are crucial for comprehending all the security products and their features so that they have a clear vision of how to navigate through best security practices. 

The Importance of Multi-Layered Security Strategy

Cyber-attacks are very-well developed and architectured operations that can confuse any security assurance program which is aimed at protecting not a single unit but for the whole. 

The importance of the strategy stems from the name already. A multi-Layered security strategy assures protection to the areas prone to the highest levels of vulnerability, ensuring that any breach or attack is either slowed down or completely deactivated.

The multi-Layered strategy suggests that every constituent of the anti-attack plan owns a solid backup to fight off any suspicious acts. Working together, the layers enhance the protective function and develop a strong base for the cybersecurity infrastructure in general.

AWS cloud security has a well-structured protective infrastructure ( software, hardware, networking, etc.) that takes responsibility for running all of the services that the cloud offers. AWS development consultants guide the clients well, explaining their part in making sure that the planned strategies are responsive and highly participating against the threat. 

Therefore, it is not only important to adopt the multi-layered security strategy for whatever is happening in your business, tech-wise, but to be exposed to comprehensive AWS consulting to achieve the intended purpose when it comes to data and processes being protected from cyber-intruders.

 Building Multi-Layered Security Strategy with an AWS Partner

It’s been already previously mentioned that AWS sticks to the shared security responsibility model, unfolding the layers of protection via asking for a certain action from the customers. When using the services of their choice, customers are held accountable for managing the data using the protection tools for each classified asset. 

Also, this model allows the implementation of certain IT controls ( management, operation, verification ). Both customers and AWS equally share the control environment depending on what is being deployed. To get the idea of how exactly that could be achieved, it is highly advised to partner with an AWS partner. AWS consultants’ costs are totally manageable due to the benefit such a service brings to the company. 

Let’s have a look at the examples of such IT controls:

AWS controls.

  • Physical and Environmental controls

Shared controls

  • Patch Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Awareness & Training 

Customer-based controls

  • Service and Communications Protection or Zone Security which may require a customer to route or zone data within specific security environments.

Provided examples demonstrate how the data surrounding is maintained from so many angles and equipped with controls that prevent breaches on various levels.

AWS Consultants: Places to Look for and Cost of Hiring

Looking for the AWS specialist to be hired for the job, your path will depend on your company’s needs and resource capacity. AWS sources provide services where the AWS consultants reside. Also, freelance hubs may be of your searching interest if you do not look for somebody to be a part of an in-house team. 

By the way, speaking about hiring a specialist to perform a certain part of the job for a certain period of time, you might consider offshore employment. This may allow you to hire an offshore tech talent or a whole offshore development team.

Geographically speaking, one might pay attention to countries with a solid tech pool of specialists and not so high costs to pay when hiring those ( Ukraine, India, Poland, Argentina, etc.)


Building the security infrastructure, the company must go with the most proven ways that are obliged to secure the whole system and each particle of it, making sure the attack will not reach the destination. Considering building a multi-layered strategy with AWS, one must have a solid consulting backup so that to be able to implement security measures on every vulnerable level the way it will work the most efficiently.

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Anastasia Stefanuk

Anastasia Stefanuk

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