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Internet of Things – The Top 10 Influencers

Internet of Things IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing space in the IT world. We have compiled a list of the top ten individual influencers in the IoT space. If you are interested in this area of learning, you would do well to follow these ten twitter accounts and learn from what they have to share.

  1. Chuck Martin

Chuck Martin is a New York Times business best-selling author, CEO of Net Future Institute and the Editor of the MediaPost AI & IoT Daily, where he writes the daily Connected Thinking column. Martin has been a leading pioneer in the digital interactive marketplace for more than a decade. He is currently working on a new book titled “The Internet of Everything” (IoE). Chuck’s latest book, MOBILE INFLUENCE: The New Power of the Consumer, illustrates the impact of mobile and the future of the market.

  1. Ken Briodagh

Ken Briodagh is the editorial director for IoT Evolution, Author of IoT Time: Evolving Trends in the Internet of Things and Host of IoT Time podcast. Ken describes himself as a writer and editor with nearly two decades of experience under his belt who is in love with technology and would like to beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars. In previous lives, he’s been a short order cook, telemarketer, medical supply technician, mover of the bodies at a funeral home, pirate, poet, partial alliterist, parent, partner and pretender to various thrones. Most of his exploits are either exaggerated or blatantly false and no one can prove otherwise. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, children and dogs.

  1. Yash Mehta

Yash Mehta is a teenage blogger from India, he is a search engine optimiser and a prolific blogger. His blog IOTWorm has been developed with support from his uncle, Raman Mehta – CIO of multi-national company EWIE. Internet of Things Worm  (Iotworm) is a blog which publishes everything related to IoT, including wearables, machine-to-machine communication, smart cities, Industrial IoT, Innovative Startups and companies news, applications etc.

  1. VonVictor Rosenchild

VonVictor Rosenchild is the founder and CEO of HubBucket, a research and development corporation with a focus on technologies including IoT. VonVictor is a United States Navy (USN) Intelligence Community, Cryptology Veteran. He is a a former University Computer Science (CS) Instructor and has taught both Graduate and Undergraduate Computer Science (CS) courses.

  1. Pranav Pai Vernekar

Pranav Pai Vernekar is the Founder at Bolt, an Internet of Things startup. Bolt is an IoT platform aimed to allow customers to easily and quickly build IoT based products and services.

Pranav built his first Internet of Things project, an Internet controlled robot in 2009 while studying for his engineering degree. This was developed when the term Internet of Things term was just being coined.
He has been a strategic IoT consultants for a number of enterprise clients and has been invited to conduct trainings as well as speak at conferences on IoT in Australia, South Africa, United States of America and New Zealand.

  1. Charles Sun

Charles Sun is a highly innovative, dynamic, and experienced bilingual Information Technology (IT) executive with extensive professional and managerial experience in both the public and private sectors. Charles has routinely and consistently provided state of the art, innovative, and cutting edge IT solutions and project management with a proactive vision and common sense to many organizations in both the public and private sectors.

  1. Robert van der Veur

Robert van der Veur is a project manager in internet of things, business intelligence and analytics at Sogeti Nederland. Robert frequently writes about IoT-related topics on social media. He is the founder of the IoT Nederland group. He is a member of the European think-tank The IoT council.

  1.  Marta Rauch

Marta Rauch is a Senior Principal Information Developer at Oracle, she leads cloud, mobile, and REST API projects and participates in innovation events for Internet of Things, big data visualization, augmented reality, mobile, and wearables.

Marta shares strategies for adapting to new technologies like wearables and augmented reality. She participates in several organizations, including STC, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Professional Communication Society (IEEE–PCS), Center for Information Development Management (CIDM), User Experience Professional Association (UXPA), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and Human-Computer Interaction International (HCII).

  1. Walter Colitti

Walter Colitti is the co-founder of ModoSmart, a company developing connected objects and solutions for the smart home. Walter is an electronic engineer specializing in computer networking with over 12 years of experience in R&D. He has a PhD in Engineering Sciences and hase spent several years working in the IoT domain. His main expertise is in IoT networking technologies.

  1. Kelley A. Duarte

Kelley A. Duarte is Vice-president, Internet of Things (IoT) and Strategic Services for AT&T Global Business Solutions, EMEA. She has extensive experience consulting multinational companies across automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, fleet management and tracking, healthcare, energy and consumer electronics industries, on secure IoT solutions to digitally connect products and business processes.
Kelley has been at the forefront of the internet revolution in the telecommunications industry throughout her eighteen plus years with AT&T. She has been awarded the honor of “AT&T Future Business Leaders”, for her strategic thought leadership and marketing, fiscal, and operational acumen.

If you think we have missed somebody from this list, please comment below and we will review suggestions before our next list is published.

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