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Top IoT Companies

Best IoT companies

With the Internet of Things or IoT enabling cost and process efficiencies, the development of new business models, and a still-expanding set of use cases, organizations are curious to know which IoT companies are best suited to their particular needs. Investors are interested to understand which IoT companies are worth any investment.

As a general guideline, when selecting a company based on their IoT platform, you should consider the disaster recovery strategies (such as data backup, Service Level Agreements, or Key Performance Indicators) that they provide. Their ability to scale should also be taken into account. This will determine the number of IoT endpoints that the company can handle for a single customer in a single data center or across a number of data centers. Another important consideration is their capacity to grow with you in the future and provide a platform that’s vendor or technology agnostic.

Top Internet of Things Companies

As of August 2020, the list of top IoT companies in the world includes the following:


Vates offers the services of a team of IoT Engineers and Systems Integrators using Agile methodologies, who can offer assistance for critical decisions that occur during the design and development of IoT projects. Vates employs high-end prototyping services to ensure that products are market-ready.


ScienceSoft is a leading IoT service provider, with nine years of experience in IoT development and consulting. The company’s focus is on full-cycle IoT development and implementation, IoT consulting, IoT analytics, and managed IoT services.

Top IoT Companies: Oxagile

Based in New York, Oxagile is a professional IoT company offering a full range of services that includes IoT consulting, software development, hardware prototyping, integration, and continuous enhancement. The company boasts deep tech expertise in artificial intelligence, computer vision, big data, and cybersecurity. It has built enterprise-grade IoT solutions for the Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Safety, and Retail industries.

R-Style Lab IoT Software Company

R-Style Lab provides custom IoT software development services with Smart Home, Industrial IoT, and Healthcare IoT solutions. Services are available for Mobile Applications, Web front-end reporting and analytics, Middleware and Low-level, and back end infrastructure and integration.

Top IoT Companies: HQ Software Industrial IoT Company

High-level development of devices and sensors, data analysis, UI/UX Design Web, and mobile app development are among the services offered by HQ Software Industrial IoT Company. The company provides IoT solutions for Industrial IoT, Healthcare IoT, Smart Home, and IoT Automotive.


Operating out of Boston, Massachusetts, PTC provides Industrial IoT (IIoT) products and solutions for various industries, including Automotive, Electronics and High-Tech Hardware, Utilities, Software, and Medical Devices. Solutions are available for Manufacturing, Service, and Operations.

Top IoT Companies: Cisco

Confirming its dominant position in the IoT market, California-based Cisco has several hardware offerings for IoT networking, such as the Gigabit Ethernet platforms and Cisco IR11001 Integrated Services Router.

Best IoT companies

Cisco Systems provides various products and services for Networking, IoT, Mobility & Wireless, Security, Collaboration, Datacenter, and other applications. For IoT, the company provides solutions for IoT Networking, IoT Gateways, IoT Operations Management, IoT Data Management, and IoT Security. Energy, Education, Financial Services, Cities & Communities, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transportation are among the industries using Cisco IoT products.

ARM IoT Security Company

Based in Cambridge in the UK, ARM provides products and services for Processor IP, IoT, and the design and development of software and tools. For IoT, ARM provides a Device-to-Data Platform for connectivity management, device management, and data management. It also provides device-specific products such as Mbed OS, SoC Solutions, and Kigen SIM Solutions.


Despite the controversy still surrounding its operations, the telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, and networking equipment manufacturer Huawei offers a range of still popular IoT solutions. These include smart water solutions, AMI Smart Meter Reading, Shared Bike Lock, Smoke Detection Smart Building, Smart Factory, eLTE Gas Detection, Elevators, Smart Parking, and Smart Gas.

Top IoT Companies: GE Digital

One of the pioneers of Industrial IoT (the company coined the term “Industrial Internet”), GE Digital offers Implementation services, Support services, Industrial managed services, Education services, Data Science Services, and its own IIoT Platform. Customers use industrial apps such as Predix Asset Performance Management, Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems, and Predix Operations Performance Management in industries like food and beverage, automotive, chemicals, steel manufacturing, semiconductor, pulp, and paper manufacturing, and water.

IoT Hardware Companies

Several hardware categories play a crucial role in the IoT industry, including gateways, radios, and chipsets. Among the top IoT hardware companies in 2020 are:


Germany’s Bosch has been in the IoT space for quite some time and provides a wide range of products and solutions. Bosch Phantom, for example, is a non-intrusive load monitoring system that monitors and analyzes energy use for multiple industrial assets, machinery, and devices on an electrical network. The company’s Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS) is a small and robust multi-sensor device that increases Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by monitoring machines, processes, and environmental conditions.


Dell’s IoT connected Bundle is a combination of software and hardware products that provide organizations with market-ready solutions. Dell also offers several edge devices, including the Edge Gateway 3000 and Edge Gateway 5000.

Hewlett Packard (HP)

Hewlett Packard (HP) has consolidated its position in the IoT space with its Edgeline OT Link Platform, an offering that automates the interplay between IT and OT applications. Dell offers several other IoT products, such as the Edgeline Converged Edge Systems and the Aruba infrastructure. ClearPass is an element of HP’s Aruba which provides AI-powered visibility and industry-leading policy enforcement for the management and access control of mobile and IoT deployments on any vendor’s wired and wireless networks.


California-based chip maker Intel offers a one-stop-shop for IoT solutions and products, including a Quark processor for network controllers and Intel IoT Commercial Developer Kits for gateways. Several other products, such as Intel Atom, Intel Core, and Intel Xeon processors, support a wide range of performance points, with a common set of code.


Hong-Kong-based Lenovo has a new line of edge computing products for the IoT market, such as the ThinkSystem SE350, a purpose-built edge server that combines increased processor power and storage and networking in a single form factor. Other IoT hardware products include the ECP300 edge gateway, IOT510C Smart Camera, and the ThinkCentre Nano IoT, a management device that can increase the responsiveness of information relay between connected IoT peripherals, sensors, and devices.


Chip manufacturer Qualcomm has a new range of chipsets for the IoT space, including the 9205 LTE modem, designed for devices running on low-power and wide-area networks. The company offers a wide range of IoT deployment products, such as high-performance IoT System-on-Chip, mobile platforms, and LTE modems.

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