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A Wide Ranging Program from itSMF Norway

More to see

In a recent post we looked at some of the great presentations that make up the itSMF Norway annual conference program.

Here are a few more snippets from the Service Management with Superheroes of the World event agenda. If you can’t find a reason to attend amongst the speakers and topics making up this event, I am not sure what you could be looking for!

Getting the flow right

The flow of work in ITSM is critical to keeping things running smoothly In providing and managing services, achieving an optimal flow of work adds considerable value, in terms of speed, flexibility and reliability. But how can this “service flow” be achieved?

Dave van Herpen will present a talk that is based on the basic principles and methods in achieving flow (Lean, Kanban, Product Development Flow), Dave will provide the attendees with practical examples how to optimize the flow of incidents, problems, changes, improvements and other work items in service environments. This session aims to provide value to anyone, regardless of their level of experience in ITIL or technical disciplines.

The synergy between DevOps and ITIL

A hot topic of discussion at every ITSM event I have attended in the past couple of years has been DevOps and its relationship with ITIL®. Anthony Orr will attempt to demystify this topic in his presentation. This interactive briefing will discuss how to obtain value in today’s organizations that are trying to run, grow, innovate, and/or transform businesses using synergies between ITIL and DevOps.

ITSM and Globalization

One presenter I really enjoy hearing is Suresh GP, Suresh is one of the most enthusiastic members of the ITSM community I have met. He has a real passion for the industry. Suresh will present on the effect of globalization on the industry.

With Globalization and competitive sourcing strategies, organizations have stepped in to diversified geographies that have complex cultures, languages, and customs along with myriad of work practices.

The Order of the day is to facilitate and foster effective collaboration and synergy when working with distributed teams either face-to-face or virtually, and still be able to arrive at consensus to deliver meaningful business objectives.

The Hero Problem

Another well known ITSM industry leader is Stuart Rance. Stuart will be presenting on a topic that has interested me for a long time, the phenomenon of the IT Hero.

Some IT organizations have a culture where the hero regularly saves the day. These organizations often stagger from incident to incident, with huge amounts of effort being expended in resolving each incident but nobody learning from the experience and preventing future incidents. Technical staff that solve the problems are treated as heroes, and their status in the organization comes from their problem solving prowess. In an organization like this, someone who quietly prevents incidents will never be respected. The praise, and the rewards, go to the visible hero, not to the person creating the real business value by proactively preventing incidents, or by planning how to recover fast from incidents that can’t be prevented.

Where will you be in April?

If you are still undecided on which ITSM conference to attend in April, then I urge you to go and look at the program for the itSMF Norway event, I believe it will be very hard to beat.

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