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Where will you be in April?

The ITSMF Norway Conference offers something for everyone

Maybe you should consider Norway!

The itSMF Norway annual conference is an event to conjure with. For many years this has been one of the premier IT Service Management events globally – one that many people from all corners of the world want to be a part of.

Planning is well underway for the 2016 event, being held in at the Clarion Hotel, Oslo Airport, on April 12-14, 2016. The theme – ‘Service Management with Super Heroes of the World’ – opens up a world of imagination. This will be the first non-music related theme for many years and I am intrigued to see how the conference committee plans to use this exciting theme to bring the conference to life.

Something special for industry newcomers

A new feature for the 2016 event is a stream for ITSM newcomers. The basics stream aims to make sure that there really is something for everyone who wants to attend. So often ITSM conferences globally offer fantastic sessions looking at new ideas in service management, but woefully neglect those people who are looking for guidance in the basics of our profession. This has meant that these people have either not bothered to come along because the programme does not offer anything of use, or they come along and are left feeling foolish because they simply do not have the underlying knowledge that would allow them to make use of the more advanced topics on offer. These people will seldom return to a conference.

The conference committee is currently putting the final touches to the programme for the April event. The reputation of the conference means that they are able to make their selection from a list of the very best ITSM speakers, both local and international. This conference is renowned for the quality of its keynote speakers – last year’s opening by English football great Kevin Keegan is just one example. I look forward to finding out who will be on stage next year.

You don’t need to speak Norwegian

Don’t speak Norwegian? No problem, this event is truly international, with a comprehensive English speaking stream, offering excellent value to overseas attendees.

What always amazes me is that Norway is a small country; its population is not much more than that of my own homeland of New Zealand, but it still manages to draw an attendance of 600 plus to this conference. Imagine the size of the event if the UK or the US was able to attract an audience that represented the same percentage of their population! I have said it before, so I will say it again – other itSMF chapters globally need to take a very close look at this event and its organizers to see if they can work out just what the ‘secret sauce’ actually is.

I have heard the comment made many times – “If you can only go to one conference, you need to make itSMF Norway that conference”. I would have to say that I agree. This event is informative, inspirational, and above all provides outstanding value for everyone who attends or speaks.

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