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Implementing Tech-Based Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

health and wellness at work

Researchers have compiled extensive information in recent years on the direct links between employee health and wellness and how each translates into productivity in the workplace. Employers are now realizing how important it is to offer a stress-free and supportive environment that encourages teamwork and fosters growth.

When a business invests in its workforce by providing employees with satisfaction rating systems, free or low-cost gym memberships, fitness tracking equipment and flexible working arrangements, team members sleep better, contribute better ideas and enjoy coming to work each day.

Fitness Equipment

Various forms of fitness technology are helping employers fight against poor lifestyle choices and illness; both have a direct impact on the employee attendance rate in the workplace.

Health assessments, health insurance discounts for participation in wellness programs, wearable fitness tracking equipment, company-paid gym memberships and standing work desks are all effective tools that greatly improve the overall health and wellness of your staff.

Smart Software Systems

Employee feedback is essential to the continued success and growth of a company. When staffers are encouraged to confidently and freely express their opinions and offer constructive feedback about operations and management, morale flourishes.

Employees are the heart and soul of any company. Employee feedback surveys and software programs give staffers the opportunity to express their frustrations, and they can also offer suggestions and ideas that will boost sales and generate new customer leads.

The data collected from voluntary employee feedback surveys can be used to implement new company policies, restructure marketing campaigns and generate new business. Since most employees are at the front line when it comes to communication with customers, they often have fresh ideas about how to streamline operations while simultaneously increasing profits

You can create an easy-to-use online survey with various software programs. Your employees can voluntarily participate to offer feedback on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. Create a survey with open-ended questions to encourage your employees to give conclusive and detailed responses.

Flexible Work Arrangements

More and more businesses are offering remote work opportunities to their employees. While not every employee can flourish and be productive while working from home, many staffers thrive with this type of work arrangement.

Working from home provides a mental break from the long commute and stresses associated with working from the office. Not only are many employees more productive in a home-based work environment, employers typically see a significant increase in morale and productivity.

With fewer employees in the office, there is less wear and tear on company equipment; this saves businesses money. There are also reduced utility and training costs associated with implementing remote workforce opportunities.

Innovativeness in the Office

Many tech companies and modern-casual offices offer innovative ways for their employees to stay healthy.

Standing work desk stations combine traditional desks and ergonomic features with the added benefits of walking on a treadmill. Even though the maximum speeds are set very low, employees are always surprised to find that they have walked several miles over the course of the work day with very little effort. This can have an important impact on health and wellness.

Standing work desks also keep employees’ brains active. Mid-day slumps are a thing of the past at companies offering their employees access to standing work desks.

Bright Light

Scientific studies have shown that offices with bright-light conditions have happier and more productive employees than those working in dim lighting. It is especially important to offer employees a brighter office setting in the winter months when seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a major concern and can have a major impact on health and wellness.

Open-Kitchen and Vending Options

When you offer your employees a stocked break room with access to free or low-cost healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, your staff will inevitably make better food choices.

If your business has access to a local co-op or organic market, you can arrange to have fresh fruits, vegetables and snacks delivered to the office at a significant discount. Your employees will inadvertently make better food choices without even trying. This small change has a huge impact on the health and wellness of your staff.

Implementing tech-based health and wellness programs in the workplace not only saves your company money, it also encourages team unity and promotes a more productive and engaged environment.

Health and wellness programs, employee satisfaction surveys, well-lit and clutter-free office environments and employee incentive programs are all effective in fostering growth, teamwork, productivity and development. Modern technology devices and software, like wearables and surveys, give employees more sense of control and empowerment during their workday.

These integrative data systems can be used to cultivate team-building events and lighthearted health competitions among staffers. When everyone is working together to create a healthier and more positive work environment, morale is high, productivity is increased, ideas flow effortlessly, communication is effective and everyone enjoys coming to work each day.


What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering – what you need to know now: The easiest way to gain unauthorized access to a network is not via hacking or malware. The easiest way is to lie to an authorized user. “Social engineering” is the euphemism used to describe this approach. The most common form of social engineering is the phishing email. A legitimate-looking email pretends to come from a colleague or a superior, or to confirm an order or receipt of a job application. It asks the recipient to download a file, click on a link, transfer funds to a designated account, or to go to an official-looking web page to fill out a form with personal, private, or proprietary business information. Malware or ransomware infects the gullible user’s computer, then propagates itself across the enterprise network. Phishing is not the only way social engineers and hackers gain access to networks. The same Verizon study found that “81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen passwords and/or weak or guessable passwords.”

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