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9 New Life Changing Features of the New iPhone X

iPhone x

Technology is moving forward at a break-neck pace, and features that were once fledgling ideas have grown up into full-blown must-haves. Apple’s new iPhone X is a prime example of the implementation of cutting-edge technology with life-changing implications.

Longer battery life

As product advancement goes, extending battery life is high on the list of important upgrades. Apple promises that the new iPhone X will provide users with an additional two hours of battery time. Imagine spending less time searching for a power cord and an outlet and more time catching up on social media. A longer life battery is an upgrade that everyone can benefit from having.

Wireless charging

The iPhone X allows you to ditch the power cord and stop looking for outlets. By making the X compatible with QI Wireless, Apple ensured that customers would be able to charge their new iPhone anywhere charging mats are available. Charging at home or on the go could not be easier. Set your iPhone X on any compatible charging mat and your phone will be ready to use in minutes. Apple also announced that charging mats capable of charging several devices at the same time will hit stores in 2018.

Larger screens

If seeing is believing, the new iPhone X will make believers out of many consumers. X’s display screen is 5.8 inches. Compare this to the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone seven and eight or the 5.5- inch screen of the iPhone seven and eight plus, and you can see the difference that Apple built into the iPhone X. Additionally, the screen of the iPhone X goes side to side. Who does not want a larger screen without carrying a bigger phone? With the iPhone X, the screen size you pay for is also the screen size available for viewing.

Face recognition

When you meet your new iPhone X for the first time, be sure to put on a happy face. Because the face you scan into the phone is the face that unlocks your iPhone. Actually, you will need to use a pin and unlock the X and then it will scan your face. This feature has detractors sounding alarms regarding security, which Apple easily refutes. The simple fact is that the odds of anyone else opening your iPhone X are literally a million to one. This new security feature is a big step forward when compared to the fingerprint technology which can potentially be compromised one out of 50,000 times. The 3-D technology combined with facial mapping and infrared scanning allows you to open your phone with a glance, even in the dark.

Enhanced display

In addition to the iPhone X’s larger screen extending to the edges of the phone, Apple dramatically improved the quality of what you are viewing. There are more than two million pixels in the X, so the vivid OLED display provides an incomparably clear and sharp display. Whether you are reading text, binge-watching your favorite shows, or video chatting, Apple makes sure you will have the best display available.

Upgraded cameras

Apple used the camera improvements from the iPhone 7 as a springboard to create the most advanced phone camera ever. The iPhone X features a wide-angle lens with12 megapixels. There is a front facing “True Depth” camera which adds features to create portrait- worthy photos. You will see improvements with photos taken in low light and videos which are noticeably less shaky. Additionally, the X gives you improved zooming capabilities with a second telephoto lens. The new camera on the iPhone X will give everyone a reason to smile.


This entertaining new feature will bring some joy into the lives of iPhone X users. The technology behind this feature ties to the face recognition camera, and it offers fun and amusement to all Apple customers using X. The animoji program allows you to create video clips of yourself as an animated emoji animal.

Enhanced case

Surgical grade stainless steel and extremely durable shatter-resistant glass encase the iPhone X. This enclosure is a fine example of technology working hard for you. You can relax knowing your phone is always safe. The glass is also a way to keep your iPhone safe from water, dust, and nearly anything else life throws at you.

Hands on feature

Apple made a bold move with the iPhone X; it eliminated the familiar home button. Once you try the X and the new hands-on method, you will be wondering why you have been fussing with a home button for so long. The phone will respond to hand gestures and taps on the screen, and Siri is voice activated and will respond to the multi-function side button. The hands-on operation is an idea that is long overdue.

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