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APAC CIOs Pushing Ahead with Digital Transformation

digital transformation

CIOs both in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) and globally are more determined than ever to deliver digital transformation, with big plans to overcome these challenges and unlock the benefits of digital transformation, according to a global survey carried out by Logicalis, the international IT solutions and managed services provider.

The Logicalis Global CIO Survey 2017/18 polled 890 CIOs across 23 countries, including 285 CIOs from Asia Pacific (APAC), and found that optimism around digital transformation progress had dampened compared to last year.

CIOs currently see their organisations making scant progress in digital transformation:

  • In APAC, 3% classify their organisations as ‘digital innovators’ (down from 6% last year). Globally, 5% of CIOs share the same perspective (down from 6%).
  • Almost a quarter of CIOs in APAC see their organisations as early adopters (21%, same as in 2016). Globally, the number has dropped to 19% from 22% in 2016.
  • The proportion giving their organisations a middling score, characterising themselves as part of an early majority is down to 46% from 53% in 2016. Globally this number is up to 49% from 45%.

Many are discovering the scale of the transformation a challenge – that complex architecture and an organisational culture to match, makes for a very wide turning circle. They are caught in a difficult situation: they are forced by change rather than being able to shape it – and it is the struggle to maintain the status quo that prevents meaningful progress towards their transformation goal.

CIOs attempting to deliver digital transformation point to complexity, cost, culture, skills and security as the main barriers to realising this goal — 62% of APAC CIOs cite cost as the main barrier, 51% point to complex legacy technology and 49% say organisational culture is an issue, while 43% point to lack of skills and 40% cite security issues.

While costs are a major concern for APAC CIOs, the sentiment is slightly different globally, where CIOs rank organisational culture (56%) as their main impediment, followed by cost (50%), legacy infrastructure (44%), skills (34%) and security (32%).

Far from disheartened, however, APAC CIOs have big plans to take control. Asked how they planned to overcome barriers to digital transformation:

  • 56% said they plan to simplify their IT by adapting and/or replacing existing infrastructure
  • 58% plan to work with line of business colleagues to engage the wider business, and act as ambassadors for digital transformation
  • 49% intend to provide additional training and development
  • 47% want to attempt culture change
  • 40% expect to invest in extra security capabilities

Commenting on the survey findings, Mark Rogers, CEO of Logicalis Group and Logicalis Asia, said: “Change is now the norm. Just as we set a course based on our understanding of the technology landscape, that landscape changes. CIOs must accept that change is constant and work out how to get on the front foot – to shape change rather than being governed by it.

“Over in Asia Pacific, CIOs face similar challenges as their global counterparts, in that digital transformation is still being led more by pragmatism than by strategy.  However, they have shown that they are willing to take on a bolder role to become change makers. Digital transformation is possible if they have a clear vision and strategy, and receive the right support from management.”

The annual Logicalis CIO survey takes a critical look at digital transformation — how quickly and effectively it is taking place, the barriers to progress and the steps CIOs are taking to overcome them.

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