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AI, Automotive, Blockchain and Cloud Organizations Join Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling innovation through open source, has just announced the addition of 17 Silver members and 5 Associate members. Linux Foundation members help support development of the shared technology resources, while accelerating their own innovation through open source leadership and participation. Linux Foundation member contributions help provide the infrastructure and resources that enable the world’s largest open collaboration communities.

“We are thrilled to see so many organizations continue to reinforce their commitment to open source with investments in the community and a wide variety of important projects,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director, The Linux Foundation. “The variety of industries growing their participation in open source, from automotive companies to universities, is truly inspiring.”

In addition to joining the Foundation, many of the new members have joined Linux Foundation projects like Automotive Grade Linux, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Hyperledger, JS Foundation, and LF Networking. For a full list of members, visit

Linux Foundation Silver members are organizations that contribute to or otherwise support open source communities and projects. The new Linux Foundation Silver members who joined in the month of June are:

  • Anaconda, Inc. is an AI/ML enablement platform that empowers organizations to develop, govern, and automate AI/ML and data science.
  • Bose Corporation designs, develops, and sells audio equipment.
  • Circulor is transforming the electric vehicle supply chain using blockchain technology.
  • ComponentSoft offers a comprehensive intelligent systems deployment and development platform.
  • DefineSys, based in Shanghai, is an enterprise-level cloud computing service leader.
  • Estateably, Inc. uses distributed ledger technology to optimize the estate settlement process.
  • IoT.nxt BV allows rapid deployment and businesses to action an Internet of Things strategy with little or no disruption to current operations.
  • Kinetica transforms data into instant insight.
  • KR8OS creates ways to track advertising events using marketing analytics on blockchain.
  • Linode is a leading cloud hosting provider.
  • Nutanix, Inc. enables IT teams to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architecture.
  • Nuvoloso is a multi-cloud container data management system.
  • PlanetScale Data runs highly scalable database clusters with Vitess.
  • QingYuan Technology is committed to enterprise containerized platform as service through delivering sophisticated containerized solutions across industry and government scenarios, with capabilities of orchestration, monitor, DevOps, and microservices governance, to empower IT revolution within the cloud native ecosystem.
  • Tierion creates technology and products that reduce the cost and complexity of trust.
  • UTRUST offers a cryptocurrency payment solution with instant transactions, buyer protection and crypto-to-cash settlements.
  • Zhejiang Blockchain Technology is a blockchain technology development and promotion company.

Associate members of The Linux Foundation include of government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to building, sustaining, and using open source technologies. The following organizations are new Linux Foundation Associate members:

  • is an international nonprofit with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.
  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering empowers people to use science and technology as tools to build a better society.
  • SDNLAB is a leading platform of technology media and services which focus on innovative network technology in China.
  • Smt. Kumudben Darbar College of Commerce, Science & Management Studies is one of the prestigious education institutions of Bijapur serving the cause of quality education in North Karnataka.
  • Tecnalia transforms knowledge into GDP to improve people’s quality of life by generating business opportunities for companies.

With the support of its members, The Linux Foundation hosts open source projects across technologies including networking, security, cloud, blockchain, and more. This collaborative development model is helping technology advance at a rapid pace in a way that benefits individuals and organizations around the world.

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