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Top 10 ITC Blogs of 2021


IT Chronicles (ITC) publishes a vast amount of IT and business-technology content for our tens of thousands of monthly readers to enjoy, learn from, and get inspired. In 2021, ITC published 260 articles from contributors all over the world, including tech founders, executives, practitioners, thought leaders, and writers around the globe. From ITSM to Mobile, AI to Cybersecurity, Blockchain to HR Technology, our contributors wrote on a wide range of topics that captured readers’ attention. 

What were the most read articles in 2021? Let’s shine a spotlight on the top 10 ITC blogs that resonated with our tech-focused audience.

Top Blogs on ITC – The List

Top Blog #10. Dangers & Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Dangers and Risk of AI

Is Artificial Intelligence dangerous and, if so, how serious are those dangers? As innovations in AI continue to astound its users, this article explored the darker and more complicated side of AI technology.

Top Blog #9. What is the Future of Cybersecurity?

What is future of Cryptocurrency

In this top blog, we took a closer look at the current trends in the growing and ever-important field of cybersecurity and theorized about what the cybersecurity practice area might look like in the future.

Top Blog #8. Business Continuity Plan Template & Examples

Business Continuity Plan and Examples

Did someone say, “free business continuity plan template?” Yes, please. ITC readers flocked to this helpful guide filled with examples to help people complete a business continuity plan.

Top Blog #7. Where is Artificial Intelligence Used Today?

It seems ITC readers can’t get enough information about AI. In this top 10 ITC blog, we explored the many practical uses cases of artificial intelligence in everyday life, its social implications, and the companies and businesses pioneering AI applications to enhance operations and to gain an edge over the competition.

Top Blog #6. Pros and Cons of Big Data

Pros and cons of big data

Big Data is, well, everywhere. Much of the big data buzz in recent years has had to do with its uses in business and how it assists enterprises to streamline operations, improve efficiency, cut costs, and a host of other things. But as with different kinds of technology, big data has advantages and disadvantages. We explored both.

Top Blog #5. Are We Too Dependent on Technology?

Are we too dependent on technology?

Technology is, of course, the great enabler of the modern age, but have we become too dependent on its conveniences? What would happen if we had to go without our gadgets? For all its power to increase our capabilities in our private and professional lives, is reliance on technology changing – even damaging – our brains? Initially published in 2020, this article continued to appeal to readers in 2021. 

Top Blog #4. Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Does Technology make us feel alone?

Is anybody out there? With the coronavirus pandemic isolation continuing in 2021, is it any wonder people felt lonely? Maybe this explains why this top article, initially published in 2019, cracked our top 5. The blog discussed why people feel lonely in a society that’s more connected than ever.

Top Blog #3. Where is 5G available? Where is it banned?

Where is 5G?

With 5G and the buzz (both positive and negative) surrounding it.  Is it any wonder that this article, which broke down the country-by-country status of 5G, ranked high in 2021?

Top Blog #2. Why is Human Resource Planning Important?

Why is HR Planning Important

Human resource planning is more critical than ever in an era of remote and hybrid workers. This ITC top 10 blog, which offers an exhaustive look at human resource planning, its methodologies, and the benefits and challenges of HR planning, topped our most-read articles for the second year in a row.

Top Blog of 2021 – The Importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Internet of Things IoT

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) encompasses all the technologies and services involved in computing, data management, telecommunications provision, and the internet. The global information technology industry value tops over $5.2 trillion. This article looks beyond dollars the explores other areas where ICT has great significance.

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