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How Do BPOs Track Employee Performance In A Hybrid Work Environment?

Track Employee Performance In A Hybrid Work Environment

Discover ways to track BPO employee performance in a hybrid work environment in this article.

A hybrid work environment is the reality of today. After spending much of the last years allowing employees to work remotely, most organizations have either shifted to a hybrid work environment or are on their way. According to a recent Accenture Survey, around 83% of respondents out of the 9,000 workers said that a hybrid work model would be an ideal choice in the future.

This hybrid shift has brought along a different set of challenges for all industries, including BPOs. The biggest challenge is to put across the right processes that help track employee performance without bias and prejudice in a hybrid work environment.

It was initially seen that the proximity bias played an active role, especially for BPOs that were using a hybrid ecosystem in the pre-pandemic era. However, with the massive technological growth curve that the industry has seen in recent years, the rate of engagement and collaboration has gone through the roof in the BPO industry. Therefore, establishing a system that helps you track employee performance, their web usage monitoring properly in a hybrid work environment is the need of the hour.

Some ways can help you track employee performance effectively in your BPO with a hybrid work environment.

Ways to track BPO employee performance in a hybrid work environment:

  • Define KPIs

Tracking the performance of any employee in a hybrid work environment can only be done if the key performance indicators have been appropriately defined. Under a BPO, different departments would require different metrics for measurement.

For instance, the KPIs for the sales department would be much different from the KPIs of the software development or SEO team. It is only after you have set KPIs that you will be able to track the performance of any employee. Defining KPIs is one of the most critical steps that help you in hybrid workforce management.

  • Set goals, not tasks

One of the worst mistakes managers make is that they handhold the team to set up the tasks to reach the goal. For a manager, it is critical to set the goals and not the tasks. Rather than micromanaging your team at each step along the way, it is better to give them the freedom and autonomy to decide which route towards the end goal works best for them.

If you get into setting tasks, you would be more involved with the team that is working from the office because you would see work happening. However, if you stay focused on the goals and do not get into each task, you will see the big picture. This would be very helpful in employee productivity tracking.

  • Focus on technology

One of the biggest advantages of a hybrid work environment is that employees are more receptive to change. As the work environment has undergone a massive shift, it is equally important to focus on technology and get tools that help you track your employees’ performance. Agent monitoring software in BPO is a critical component of measuring employee performance.

The effective usage of employee monitoring software for call centers helps you track your team’s performance. Be it collaboration among the team or seamless integration of the learning and management tools, these agent monitoring software for BPO can do wonders when implemented correctly.

  • Maintain transparency

As you set up workforce productivity software in a hybrid work environment, it is essential to maintain a culture of transparency within the organization so that your team is aware of the changes that are taking place and their expected impact.

For instance, as you set up new KPIs, goals and establish remote employee monitoring software for the call center, it is important to take your team along. By maintaining transparency, you would share your expectations with the employee more engagingly. This would also help keep the team aware of the changes and expectations of the management. 

  • Gather customer feedback 

One of the most important mechanisms to track employee performance in a hybrid work environment for a BPO would be to gather customer feedback. The team expected to take feedback needs to be open to criticism and varied opinions. 

Also, it is essential to note that not all feedback you receive needs to be acted upon. All feedback is important for records, and you need to select the ones that help you improve the process quality and efficiency.

Wrapping Up

Once you have defined KPIs and set goals for the team, you would require technology to maintain a high level of transparency within the team and gather customer feedback at scale. If you can use the technological solutions available effectively, you will cover a considerable distance towards managing BPO employee performance in a hybrid work environment. 

Technology would remain the center point in all these steps that will help you track employee work performance in a hybrid environment. Whether for collaboration, engagement, tracking, or improving performance, businesses need to get effective employee monitoring systems that streamline hybrid workforce management.

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