Enterprise Resource Management with PSaaS

Resource Management with Psaas

Enterprise Resource Management with PSaaS: An Introduction – An enterprise constantly deals with a wide range of ordeals, ranging from internal managerial activities to contacting customers and outsiders for a variety of purposes. Constantly ensuing communication with other people or organizations, their managerial abilities must always be above par. Coordinating operations inside a premise to coordinate functions across multiple sites can put enterprises and their assets at a risk of displacement or inefficiency of business operations. Ensuring that all activities of an organization are in sync with one another and that all employees are working towards achieving a cumulative organizational goal is the job of the managerial staff. To take some of that pressure off of surveillance and management staff, employers invest in IoT based surveillance and management mechanisms.  

Physical Security as a Service

One must have come across the Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, sometime in their career. For individuals to attain complete development and self actualization, they have to achieve a set of human requirements, from basic needs of food and shelter to security, followed by psychological needs of belongingness and prestige ending with the self actualization. According to the pyramidal theory the fulfillment of the basic food and shelter needs is followed by the human desire for the feeling of safety and security. Protecting the lives of the people you love or work with and securing everything you’ve worked hard to achieve is the basic need for every individual. 

With the course of time, the threats to safety have multiplied and so has the need for a cemented structure to keep these threats at bay. Growth of the economy, expansion in technology and modernization of lifestyle has driven people to build intricately designed surveillance solutions to benefit the ever growing security demands of the masses.

Physical security as a service has been a game changer for people requiring a strong enterprise security mechanism for their businesses and homes. PSaaS includes mechanisms ranging from use of smart cameras and sensors to limit access to places, to application of automated analytics on the recorded data. As a cloud computing solution for businesses, it has taken over the care of internal and external security concerns, taking away a marginal load off of internal management and surveillance staff. 

Resource Management with PSaaS

An enterprise works with a pool of resources, requiring a methodology to assemble them in a manner that drives the best possible results. PSaaS solutions provide enterprises with end to end encrypted solutions for the safe transmission of data from the recording devices to the platform for viewing. Starting from smart sensors and cameras, the solution is responsible for recording all the footage as well as deviations or suspicious activities taking place around the threat prone areas. This footage is then analysed at the edge devices or sent forward as data packets across secured networks to gateways that analyse the data to deduce operational insights. This application of data analytics enables the system to only send forth information of importance, holding back any useless and eventless footage (which is made available on the platform for the users). Notifications and alerts are sent in real time in case of any unexpected events or according to the schedules put in place. 

Let us learn how this physical surveillance mechanism supports enterprises in managing their resources. 

Resource Management with PSaaS: Inventory Management

The inventory of an enterprise binds all processes together, forming one of the most important parts of a business. Taking a manual approach towards keeping track of all inventory items coming in or going out of the premises becomes extremely wasteful, especially with a substantial error margin and excessive time consumption. Instead, enterprises use RFID tags and IOT mechanisms that outflank problems associated with manual tracking. These devices are equipped to not only track an asset inside a particular premise but also track it in transmission. Scanning the tags with smart sensors or IP cameras trained to recognize information like batch number; users can easily find the right shelf for the product display or track an order in transit. These systems can also notify users when a shelf is low on stock, ensuring that the supply is constant.

Resource Management with PSaaS: Human Resource Management

One of the most important resources for any organization, even in the era of astounding technological changes taking place daily, is the human resource. The employees and staff members of an organization, from the janitor to the CEO, all play their respective parts, binding the functions of an enterprise together. However, with the expansion being witnessed by enterprises across the globe, it is safe to say that managing a human resource can be a handful. From appraising employee’s operational performance to ensuring their adherence to the rules and regulations of the enterprise, a PSaaS solution can orchestrate all these functions, taking the load off of management staff. 

Resource Management with PSaaS: Data Management

 Resource Management with PSaaS

An organization is nothing short of a community, with multitude of sites and people but an even greater amount of data being stored and shared across channels. From sensitive employee and customer data, inventory records to video footage recorded with the surveillance solution; all organizational data needs a protective layer to safeguard it from any employee or outsider trying to access confidential information. Server rooms storing all the data of an enterprise at one place becomes a regular point of unauthorized entry and possible theft of important information. The PSaaS solution enables employers to install access door sensors that send notification to surveillance staff every time the door is opened. With smart identification sensors installed outside the doors, only authorized members of the staff can access the room. IoT based platforms enable employers to manage a multitude of information from a single point of control, manifesting data management on a large scale. 

Resource Management with PSaaS: Device and Equipment Management

Managing all the devices installed across the premises as well as equipment being used in the manufacturing of a product is another important use case fulfilled by PSaaS solutions. For the proper maintenance of all assets and equipment with a lower probability of degradation, certain basic requirements are to be fulfilled. Machinery operates under optimal environments like controlled temperature and humidity settings, control over overheating of equipment or production of excessive smoke or sparks during a process. To keep these situations under control, specific sensors and smart detection based cameras are installed around these sites. Smoke sensors and air quality sensors can detect the presence of harmful gases in the air, notifying authorities if it surpasses a certain threshold. Similar sensors can detect excessive heat around machinery while energy meters record areas that could face possible power overload resulting in short circuits. Along with detecting all these discrepancies, the PSaaS based smart devices are also equipped with self detection abilities which notify authorities in case of device downtime, probable tampering of wires or a simple firmware update.   


Enterprises require well-structured management solutions to maintain the upkeep of all assets and equipment while deducing efficiency in all operations. AI powered PSaaS solutions have brought about the change enterprises so desire, integrating a wide variety of features in a unified solution. For upcoming enterprises or entrepreneurs thinking of expanding their businesses, investing in a PSaaS solution to accentuate their security while accelerating their productivity is the appropriate solution to undertake.

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