Security without Privacy will Inhibit Creativity

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The International Council on Global Privacy & Security by Design is asking people to imagine how many potential life-altering innovations may never arise if our creative community is inhibited from thinking freely.

That’s what is at stake if we allow increasing intrusions into our privacy – justified by rising concerns over security – to stifle creativity and innovation, says Ann Cavoukian, Founder of GPS by Design.

“We are at a crossroads,” says Cavoukian. “If we continue in our current direction, we will become a total surveillance society. We are told that we must give up our privacy for public safety. But this forms the bedrock of our freedom and is an enabler of creativity. Security without privacy  – will never lead to a safe and prosperous society.”

The International Council on Global Privacy and Security by Design, which launches a new website today, believes that measures dealing with privacy and security can and must co-exist.

GPS by Design is leading a worldwide effort to educate politicians, businesses, government, media and the public that systems can and must be engineered to protect both privacy and security.

The organization is also dedicated to encouraging technology innovation in academic institutions to foster research advancing privacy and public safety, as well as privacy and business interests, such as big data, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

“Our goal is to dispel the commonly held view, held by governments, businesses, the media and the public at large – that we must choose between privacy and public safety. We do not.” says Cavoukian.

“I believe in reaching for the stars and creating a world where both privacy and security can not only co-exist, but lead to greater developments – where innovation and prosperity can abound, with our freedoms remaining unchecked. Let that be the world we leave for our children and future generations,” adds Cavoukian.

GPS by Design is being supported by a broad industry coalition including such individuals and organizations as: Darren Entwistle, President & CEO of, TELUS; Greg Wolfond, Chairman and CEO of SecureKey Technologies Inc.; Michael Chertoff, 2nd Secretary of U.S. Homeland Security, Gilles de Kerchove, E.U. Director of CounterTerrorism and Joseph Simitian, Supervisor of Santa Clara County, California and Former U.S. Senator and Chairman of the California State Senate Committee on Privacy.

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Carlos Casanova

Carlos Casanova

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