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Top 10 React Libraries and Frameworks to Look Out for in 2022

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Here are 10 React libraries and frameworks to watch out for in 2022.

User experience comes first when creating a web application.

The users’ journeys through your web app grow more complicated if the UI is not up to par. But with React, you can create a basic, yet appealing user experience for your web app. Because of its ease of use, excellent performance, reusability, and scalability, it is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks today. Thanks to React libraries. 

React has a vast ecosystem. Web developers all around the globe have created web tools and frameworks to help with the development process. In this article, we’ve explored some in 2022 that will boost your productivity and simplify many complicated development tasks.

A Quick Overview of React

ReactJS is a JavaScript library used to create the user interface of websites and online apps.

In a nutshell, React aids in constructing the frontend, or what people see when they use a web app. 88% of web developers who have used React stated they would use it again.

This is a sizable proportion. Especially given how quickly popular technologies change in the frontend development industry. There are various benefits to adopting ReactJS and why you should do so for your project. It comprises independent, tiny bits of code known as Components that can be combined with other JS libraries and frameworks. You can use these components to develop some feature-rich apps.

Top 10 React Libraries and Frameworks

Let’s look at the best 10 React libraries and frameworks to help you develop great-looking apps.

  1. Create React App

Create React App is a command-line programme that does not require any configuration. It promotes the creation of your own boilerplate and helps the app development process get off to a good start.

Create-React-App is so popular that it’s considered a component of the React ecosystem. It configures your development environment to leverage the most recent JavaScript features best development practices and optimise your programme for production.

It allows you to concentrate on your code. There is only one build requirement required. Thus, there is no difficulty. The Create React App tool is better suited for small web projects because it includes underlays for EsLint, Webpack Babel, and other devices. It is extensively used to create essential web apps and single-page applications.

  1. Redux

Redux is a state management solution for JavaScript. It is most commonly used with React, although it is also compatible with other React-like frameworks.

When you transition from one device to another, Redux ensures that you can resume where you left off. For example, suppose you’re drafting an email on your laptop, and the battery dies. You may continue composing the email in the same app on your phone.

By managing states, Redux guarantees that the programme acts consistently across devices. It also features a single shop, which serves as a single source of truth. Only by creating an action can a state be updated in Redux. As a result, you have total control over the app’s condition, including when, why, and how it changes.

Although it is most commonly associated with React, Redux can also be utilized with other major web frameworks such as Angular and Laravel.

  1. Rebase

Rebase is a simple UI component library that builds on the stylized System library to provide an appealing collection of theme-able UI components. This super-small file contains only eight foundation pieces, all of which are made for responsive web design.

You may extend into bespoke UI components for your app utilising the styled component system by using its built-in Theme-provider. You should think about using Rebass if you don’t want to ultimately use a new heavy-weight component library and instead wish to enhance an existing one during development.

  1. Mobx

Mobx is another React web application state management framework. It is simple to learn and use, has greater flexibility, and collects data automatically.

It operates differently than Redux. To begin, unlike Redux, Mobx has many data stores. These data storage are portable because they can be rewritten. The data flow is unidirectional, and the states are derivable. Second, it makes extensive use of abstraction and object-oriented programming techniques.

This implies that developers have a lot of freedom and don’t have to follow many regulations. Furthermore, all linked components are instantly updated when a web developer modifies a state.

  1. Evergreen UI

Evergreen UI is a set of React elements ideal for enterprise-grade web projects. It is incredibly adaptable due to the use of React Primitive.

It includes a wide range of tools and components, including typography, basic layouts, icons, and colours, and function-based features such as toggles, dropdowns, feedback indications, and file uploads. After installing the Evergreen package, you can choose which elements to import.

  1. Material UI

Google designed this set of components to implement their well-known Material design concept. Material UI is the most well-known UI package among all React component libraries, used for faster and easier web development. 

Material UI React Library is simple, light, appealing, and easy to use. Developers have used this for a few years, but it has gained popularity due to continuous updates. Material UI is supported by organizations such as Spotify, NASA, and Netflix to build adaptable design solutions.

  1. Ant Design

Ant Design is a React UI framework. It is swiftly gaining prominence for its enterprise-driven design system, which the Alibaba group developed.

Ant Design UI is written in TypeScript. It delivers adaptable, powerful React UI components for rapid frontend development. The material is detailed and straightforward to understand. It adheres to the Ant Design Guidelines to provide concise, modular, and meaningful component APIs.

Ant Design is well-known for its diverse and one-of-a-kind user base. It offers a massive amount of components for any complicated functionality you need.

  1. React Router

React Router is a comprehensive routing framework. It ensures that consumers enjoy a consistent user experience when exploring your online application.

React Router give you space to build a declarative routing system. Create distinct URLs for different regions of your web project and then map the navigation between them.

When creating single-page web apps, it is critical to leverage the Router. It preserves the application’s architecture and guarantees that every UI is shown appropriately in accordance with the URL requested.

It also allows for nested routes. Most programmes have a root URL and several parts inside it, each URL. You may use Router to set the structure of the UIs across various levels automatically. As a result, the UI does as well when the URL changes.

  1. Framer Motion

React-motion was a popular option for React animations. However, Framer Motion has evolved as a more reliable and user-friendly animation library over time.

The Framer library components are ready for production and declarative. It offers a graphical user interface that allows you to visually animate components. The library will handle the code.

However, it is not only for newbies. For experienced developers that demand complicated animations, the motion library also includes advanced event listeners.

We choose Framer Motion above all other animation libraries since it is constantly updated, and the crew is swift to resolve concerns. Furthermore, the documentation is detailed and straightforward to follow.

  1. React Virtualized

This excellent React package serves a specific, focused purpose: effectively processing tabular data and extensive lists. This is a handy library if you have many components or wish to evaluate several columns in a single table.

React Virtualized’s components include an autosizer, a multigrid, an arrowkeystepper, a columnsizer, a cellmeasurer, and so on. This flexible and one-of-a-kind React library are designed to meet your tabular needs.

React LibrariesConclusion

The list of top React libraries in 2022 is endless. Your firm can accomplish fundamental JavaScript activities by utilising the aforementioned React libraries and frameworks. Make yourself informed of the purposes and features of the library while choosing your tech stack or any framework.

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