• GDPR – A Quick Q+A

    GDPR – A Quick Q+A

    The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation – better known as GDPR – is now in force. Revolutionizing the data privacy landscape not just in Europe but across the world, GDPR gives individuals greater control and transparency over their personal data. For businesses, it means the bar has been significantly raised for achieving lawful processing
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  • How Technologies help Maintain Compliance in Government

    How Technologies help Maintain Compliance in Government

    The digital age has engulfed us in new technologies, greater opportunities, faster processing time and efficiency, and results that are more accurate. From the corporate city districts to the mining and field resources sectors, every industry has the ability to improve on their previous set of technologies and reimagine their future operations. Key digital drivers
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  • Compliance Training – Exercise your Abilities

    Compliance Training – Exercise your Abilities

    So much goes on in a workplace during the day, it can get hard to keep up with everything. Tasks, demands and expectations vie for our attention and chances are we’ve missed an important memo or rushed to a meeting unprepared. This reflects our ability to adhere to all those rules, regulations and compliances and
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  • Compliance and ITSM

    Compliance and ITSM

    Are we seeking the Holy Grail? Now why have we heard so little about compliance in the past few months, there are those who say it’s not quiet at all but I must say that it is, compared to a couple of years ago. Have we learned how to be compliant, or what to be
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