21 SysAdmin Influencers, Bloggers and Geeks to Follow


Being a SysAdmin can be a thankless role, with maybe a pizza party if the day’s/week’s work go right, but plenty of notoriety when stuff hits the fan.

Each year, SysAdmin Appreciation Day is our opportunity to celebrate the often-forgotten heroes of many IT departments. The men and women who keep the lights working, the network secure and manage the infrastructure that allows the business to do what it does best.

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Here we celebrate some of the tweeters and bloggers who are sharing their knowledge freely with the sysadmin community, and a few who deserve our recognition.

1.    Thomas Limoncelli – @yesthattom

Thomas Limoncelli is an internationally recognized author, speaker and system administrator. His best-known books include Time Management for System Administrators(O’Reilly) and The Practice of System and Network Administration(Addison-Wesley). While at Google, he was a Site Reliability Engineer SRE for such projects as the web crawler, Blog Search, office IT deployments and The Ganeti project

2.    IronSysAdmin Podcast – @ironsysadmin

Follow this account to be current with the IronSysAdmin Podcast, a regular podcast from real-world sysadmins for real-world sysadmins. A wealth of information for SysAdmins can be found here.

3.    Mike F Robbins – @mikefrobbins

Mike F. Robbins is a Microsoft MVP on Windows PowerShell and a SAPIEN Technologies MVP. He is a co-author of Windows PowerShell TFM 4th Editionand is a contributing author of a chapter in the PowerShell Deep Dives book.

4.    Carlo – @sysadmin2010

Carlo is a Senior Systems Administrator with almost 15 years of experience in designing, scripting, monitoring and performance-tuning Microsoft environments, starting from Windows 3.1/95/NT4 to Windows 2008 R2. Carlo writes a blog called Happy SysAdm.

5.    Josh Reichardt – @Practical_SA

Josh Reichardt loves designing and building simple and scalable systems. His interests include building Docker, Rancher and Kubernetes, among other distributed systems, as well as automating infrastructure with code. Josh tweets regularly and has a blog called Practical System Administration.

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6.    Bob Plankers – @Plankers

Bob Plankers is a virtualization architect, system administrator, storage administrator, network administrator, end user, project manager and developer. He writes for various technology outlets, and serves as an analyst with The Virtualization Practice. He also operates a consulting business specializing in system design, automation and modern IT operations. Bob blogs as the Lone System Admin.

7.    Steven Murawski – @StevenMurawski

Steven Murawski is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Steven focuses on DevOps scenarios with Azure (and is a founding member of the League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates). Steven is an active member of the Chef and WinOps communities and a maintainer for several open-source projects, including ChefHabitatand Test-Kitchen. Steven blogs at StevenMurawski.com.

8.    Francois-Xavier Cat – @LazyWinAdm

Francois-Xavier Cat is a Systems Engineer focusing mostly on Microsoft and VMware technologies. Francois-Xavier tweets regularly and blogs at LazyWinAdminwhere he writes about day-to-day life as a SysAdmin.

9.    Jamie Reidesel – @SysAdm1138

Jamie Reidesel is a DevOps Engineer at HelloSign and has been involved in systems administration and engineering since 1997. She moved from corporate IT to the start-up space during 2010 and experienced the good kind of culture shock. Jamie has been blogging as sysadmin1138since 2004, a community elected moderator on ServerFaultsince 2010, and awarded the Chuck Yerkes community award by LOPSA during 2015.

10.Paul Joyner – @SysadminToday

Paul Joyner is the host of the podcast, Sysadmin Today. Paul is a Microsoft-certified Information Systems Professional with more than 18 years of real-world experience. He started when Windows NT 4.0 Server and Exchange 5.5 were the latest and greatest from Redmond. He worked in the Financial and Distribution public sectors before becoming an IT Consultant.

11.Chris Wahl – @ChrisWahl

Chris Wahl tweets and writes about “Technical Solutions for Technical People,” covering a wide range of technologies which challenges SysAdmins daily. Chris is a networking guru with years of insights and experience, and he maintains a “Deep Dives” section on his Website – The Wahl Network.

12.Jennelle Crothers – @jkc137

Jennelle Crothers spent 15 years as a Systems Administrator “jack of all trades” overseeing Windows domains, Exchange Server, desktops and other IT systems where she struck fear into the hearts of end-users with complex password policies and email retention tags. As a Microsoft Technology Evangelist for IT Professionals, she speaks to members of the IT community about what’s new and cool with Microsoft technologies. Jenelle blogs at Techbunny.

13.nixCraft – @nixCraft

NixCraft is an online community of new and seasoned Linux/Unix sysadmins who wantto make the most of sysadmin-hood. This account tweets regularly and has a vast collection of articles, tips, best practices and step-by-step guides on installing and configuring all things Linux on the nixCraft blog.

14.Simon Lyall – @slyall

Simon Lyall is a Linux System Administrator living and working in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a member of a team looking after dozens to hundreds of Linux servers. Simon tweets regularly on sysadmin topics.

15.SysAdmins How To – @SysAdmHowto

This account provides How-to Tutorials, Videos and News on Linux, Windows Server, InfoSec, VMware, VirtualBox and Cloud Computing.

16.Wesley David – @nonapeptide

Wesley David is an Advisory Software Engineer for IBM’s @composeio. Wesley is from Scottsdale, Arizona. He tweets regularly and blogs as the Nubby Admin.

17.Chris Siebenmann – @thatcks

Chris Siebenmann is from Toronto, Canada. He describes himself as an overcommitted sysadmin, photographer, bicyclist and a multitude of other roles, who writes many words for a programmer.

18.Adam Bertram – @adbertram

Adam Bertram is an independent thinker, consultant and entrepreneur. He is passionate about solving technical problems through automation and sharing his knowledge with the world. Adam is a training course author and presenter and a trainer and technology writer for both print and online tech publications. Adam blogs at Adam The Automator.

19.Anoop C Nair – @anoopmannur

Anoop C. Nair tweets and writes about Microsoft technologies, particularly ConfigMgr (a.k.a SCCM), Intune, Mobile Device Management and all other technologies that he finds interesting. A large percentage of his tweets and posts are related to SCCM and Microsoft Intune. Anoop likes to post about interesting issues which he discovers during his day-to-day tech life. Anoop blogs at Anoopcnair.com.

20.Adam Fowler – @AdamFowler_IT

Adam Fowler has been working in the IT industry since 2000, and has a systems, infrastructure and operational service background. He currently works as an IT Operations Manager at a law firm in South Australia, where he has a rather broad and varied role. Adam tweets regularly and blogs his thoughts and answers to problems he has been experiencing at adamfowlerit.com.

21.Randy and Deanna – @GeekOnTheLoose

Randy and Deanna own a small computer store in the Missouri Ozarks. They spend a lot of their time removing malware from their customers’ computers – many of them senior citizens, with limited incomes. They have downloaded the malware when adding free games to their computers. This was how OlderGeeks.comwas born, providing access to clean download, free of pop-ups and malware. This might be a bit different from the others on our list, but we like what they are doing and they need some support

Time to thank YOUR SysAdmin

Please take a few minutes to thank your system administrator, helpdesk staff, customer service manager and whomever helps keep your systems up and humming, the plumbing operating as expected and your business running on all cylinders. You will be amazed at how much a Thank You will make someone’s day special.

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William Goddard

William Goddard

William Goddard is the founder and Chief Motivator at IT Chronicles. His passion for anything remotely associated with IT and the value it delivers to the business through people and technology is almost like a sickness. He gets it! And wants the world to understand the value of being a technology focused business in a technological world.