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Why the Drupal CMS is a First Choice in the Healthcare Industry

Drupal becoming a Digital Experience Platform?

The healthcare industry took a huge hit when the COVID-19 outbreak became unstoppable in every part of the world. It was in March 2020 that the telehealth appointments shot up to 154%, for which the healthcare facilities were not ready. It raised the need for a robust and patient-centric healthcare content management system and investment in digital tools to offer quality medical services.

Thus, to cater to the healthcare industry’s vital bottleneck, Drupal entered the industry to offer its state-of-the-art features. Its immense success in other industries has made it easy for the healthcare sector to adopt it for a secure, scalable, and engaging online presence.

In this article, we will discuss the primary reasons why Drupal is the best healthcare solution for your healthcare facility. But, before we start, we will give you some insights into Drupal as a content management system.

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What is Drupal?

It is an open-source platform that acts as a meta platform with advanced capabilities to build content management tools. It is best used for data automation, management workflows, and creating advanced content on top of the Drupal core.

With this small introduction, let’s get acquainted with why many healthcare industry leaders are choosing it.

Why Drupal is the best CMS for the healthcare industry?

Check out some top factors that will make you understand the popularity of Drupal in the healthcare industry given below.

Integrate with third-party apps.

Like any other industry’s, healthcare websites require integration with several different tools and solutions to get things running smoothly. Drupal can integrate with electronic health record systems, billing, telemedicine, and other healthcare systems that help protect data, prevent content duplication, and more. At a healthcare facility, it allows you to share patient information securely with zero errors.

Thus, even if you require different tools to complete various tasks at your healthcare facility, don’t worry about how you will manage them all with other systems. Drupal’s highly secure API infrastructure has made it possible to curate an integrated digital experience for customers when several tasks need to be completed.

Zero-cost open-source licensing

You must be astonished that Drupal is free to use under the GNU GPL v.2 open-source software license. It puts it ahead of other CMSs, which charge their customers thousands of dollars for licensing alone.

With Drupal by its side, any size hospital or healthcare facility can focus on designing and developing its online platform without having to struggle with investing in licensing costs.

Multi-lingual capabilities

Automated language translation through Drupal’s multi-lingual modules. Unlike other platforms’ superficial translations, it offers deep translation of the surface content of interface components like commenting, taxonomies, navigation, and forms.

Hence, Drupal makes sure that users get a native experience in their language of choice when they switch to a different language.

Robust multi-site support

A multi-site ecosystem that demands different location specialties, microsites, several locations, and more is a requirement for many hospitals and practices. Drupal’s integrated multi-site support allows several websites to run on the same core and supports multi-site settings right out of the box.

Its fast maintenance and advanced infrastructure also add to the silver lining of using this open-source platform.

Top-notch flexibility

Drupal offers the advantage of letting you adopt new features so that you can manage your digital assets conveniently. Given the many innovations happening in the modern world, Drupal makes it easy for you to incorporate them into your website through custom Drupal development.

Excellent user engagement and experience

Users expect that the web pages and their content will load within milliseconds. Others expect that they can find their requirements instantly on a website. Such customer demands must be met to encourage them to increase their website engagement.

Drupal is a powerful tool for dealing with these essential aspects of any website. It allows the integration of Symfony into its core, increasing the page loading speed and streamlining the custom Drupal core code. Apart from this, its power-packed features create a unique experience for the customer on your website and make them explore it endlessly.

Mobile-first design

The growing use of smartphones worldwide has created an urgent need for a mobile-friendly website. Drupal lets you take care of it with its mobile-friendly themes that work flawlessly on all devices to offer a memorable experience. You can easily maintain records, set up online profiles, check patient records, and more directly from your smartphone. So, drop the worry about building a separate website for your mobile users, as Drupal takes care of it all.

High-end security

In a hospital or a private practice, protecting patient privacy is one of the main concerns when choosing a healthcare CMS. Drupal’s CMS offers a powerful shield through HIPAA-compliant workflows, effective monitoring for third-party invasion, and specifying user permissions that block accredited individuals from using the CMS.

Additionally, considering the HIPAA expert’s advice and that of the IT team and legal authorities will help you find a particular CMS that fits well with all the security standards.

SEO-optimized CMS

While surveying the best CMS for your healthcare facility, you may have SEO-optimized CMS as a parameter on your checklist. Drupal ticks it right away with its built-in SEO feature. It helps you polish your content with fields with keywords, title tags, metadata, and more. Check the coding of your website’s back end, as it can affect your search rankings even if you do SEO correctly.


Drupal is thriving in the healthcare industry for the reasons stated above or other compelling reasons. With so many people adopting it for their practice and hospitals, we can assure you that you can go right with it. We wish you the best for your Healthcare industry project!

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