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Benefits of AI-based Knowledge Management for Customer Support

AI-based Knowledge Management

AI-based Knowledge Management in Customer Service:

In present times, the expectations of customers have increased significantly. Besides, there has been ample advancement in technology in the last few decades helping us to overcome the time and distance challenges that we face in our everyday life. 

With advancements in tools like artificial intelligence, the application of augmented and mixed reality & more, the AI-based knowledge management systems have helped in bringing the organizations close to their customers by making it much simpler for customers to get relevant solutions in less time. 

High Customers’ Expectations

With the advancement in technology, the expectations of the customers have been more than ever. Customers are more willing to get their solutions without speaking to someone on call. Customers expect their queries to be answered and problems to be resolved in a much faster and smoother way. They don’t want to be waiting in queue for long or give much effort trying to explain their issue to the contact center agents.

In these situations, artificial intelligence (AI), the leading trend in technology has been a great help to global organizations. Through the help of AI-based knowledge management systems companies are ableṣ to offer the best customer services to their customers thus, maintaining a good customer experience. 

Let’s talk about what is AI-based knowledge management system.

AI-Based Knowledge Management

The AI-based knowledge management systems assist the company to provide relevant solutions to the customers instantly using actionable knowledge. It does the work more efficiently and accurately. It prevents most of the possible errors and makes the task much easier for the customers as they can get to their solution within a few clicks thus ensuring successful customer experience management. AI-based knowledge management delivers many crucial benefits to companies and/or organizations.

Key Benefits of AI-Based Knowledge Management

Implementation of AI-based knowledge management systems has a lot of notable benefits. Some of them are reduced support cost, contactless and remote customer service, customer experience management (CXM), enhanced customer satisfaction, and retention, and more.

Let us briefly discuss these key benefits of knowledge base management software.

Reduced support cost

In customer contact centers, the expenses of the staff are much higher. Employees have to be available all the time to resolve customer issues. In these cases, AI-based knowledge management tools like decision trees, visual guides, etc. have helped in reducing the costs of the company.

AI chatbots have been built for websites that are available for solving customers’ issues. Chatbots need no human assistance once the setup is done on the websites. These are available 24*7 for customer support. These chatbots pop up at one corner of the website for customer support if the customer comes across any problem and is very user-friendly.

Visual guides have helped reduce the visiting costs. There are many tasks where the field service workers need to have an expert’s guidance throughout their task and that consumes a lot of their precious time.

But with AI-based knowledge management tools such as picture guides or visual guides, the field service workers do not have to stay in contact with an expert from the office, rather, they can take help from these knowledge management tools like visual guides and complete their task.

streamlined technical process using remote support

Augmented reality has come a long way from dreams to reality to innovation and is now found at every step having an everlasting confluence with technology.

Interactive remote support software resolves complex queries and simplifies customer interactions through the live camera via remote screen access in between agents and a series of questions accompanied by multi-choice type answers. This streamlined technical process for support teams and customers has a step-by-step intuitive workflow.

Better customer service and CXM

Knowledge management tools have helped companies to maintain proper customer service by meeting up to their customer’s expectations. Earlier when facing any problems, customers used to call the customer care number, briefly explain their issue and then get a solution from the customer care agent but the scenario is different in the modern world. Customers do not want to make any human interaction unless required. They want self-service through which they can get to the solutions to their problems.

These expectations of the customers are met with the assistance of AI-based knowledge management software. It offers the company great knowledge management tools like knowledge base, learning management system (LMS), decision trees maker, etc. that help the customers in self-service by achieving their problem’s solutions easily.

Hence, great customer service also assists a company in successful customer experience management (CXM) which is a great strategy for building trust and loyalty in the customers.

Customer satisfaction and retention

As discussed above the three key benefits of AI-based knowledge management, it has an overall benefit and that is customer satisfaction. Companies meeting up to the customers’ expectations gives them the feeling of satisfaction that “this company provides good customer services and meets up to my expectation!”. This feeling of satisfaction in the customer makes them give positive reviews about the company.

Along with trust and loyalty, it also provides customer retention. A customer that notices that their expectations are being met, would continue to purchase products from the company.


These were some of the key benefits of AI-based knowledge management in customer service.

In this era of artificial intelligence, it is important for organizations to keep up with the industry trends and to offer the best customer services and experience. 

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