Jenn Henry Horowitz

Jenn is an experienced marketer and Blogger. Product development and product launch projects have offered Jenn working experience with AI and Machine Learning. MarTech and data analysis are at the forefront of her daily activities. Jenn is currently expanding her knowledge and experience in Cloud Computing and more. She is a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and is experienced in managing disappointment and is often heard saying “Next year!”
IoT software

Best IoT Software

IoT software employs individual and master applications for networking and action via platforms, embedded systems, partner systems, and middleware. These applications are responsible for data

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5G Network Providers

5G Network Providers

Although 5G or the 5th Generation of wireless communication promises to deliver super-fast data transfer speeds, minimal latency (the time delay between sending out a

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speech recognition in AI

Speech Recognition in AI

It is indisputable that speech recognition in AI (artificial intelligence) has come a long way since Bell Laboratories invented The Audrey, a device capable of

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Alexa AI

Is Alexa an AI?

Is Amazon Alexa AI? Amazon’s digital voice assistant is one of the market leaders in a small field whose products are evolving through the continued

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IoT sensors

IoT sensors & its types

Sensors are devices that detect and respond to changes in an environment, and they make up an integral part of the IoT, or Internet of

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b2b customer experience

B2B Customer Experience

How does b2b customer experience differ? When we think about customer experience, our initial image is almost certainly of an individual customer making a purchase

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IoT security

What is IoT Security

IoT security is vital and costly. With some analysts predicting that the economic impact of the Internet of Things or IoT could be between $3.9

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event pr

How to Write Event PR

Writing a press release to announce an event requires most of the same techniques as a typical press release but also has a few special

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examples of IoT

Examples & Applications of IoT

By definition, all laptops, desktop computers, or smartphones capable of connecting to the internet are examples of IoT or Internet of Things applications. Simply put,

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