Phyllis Drucker

Phyllis Drucker is Senior Consultant and information leader at Linium, a Cognizant company, who joined the company after gaining 20 years of a service management as a practitioner. She is ITIL® Managing Professional certified and holds other industry certifications as well as being an international speaker and author. Since her first speaking engagement in 1997, Phyllis has helped to advance the service management profession of leaders and practitioners worldwide by providing her experience and insight on a wide variety of topics through presentations, whitepapers, and articles. Based in the US, Phyllis is a recognized expert on the Service Request Catalog and author of “Online Service Management: Creating a Successful Service Request Catalogue” and has spoken internationally, for itSMF Spain, Canada and New Zealand. She is also an early adopter of Enterprise Service Management, first applying service management capabilities to HR, Finance, Accounting and Contracting in a shared service center environment in 2006. She continues to support HR organizations through her service portal expertis She is a frequent contributor of knowledge to the ITSM profession, through numerous presentations, whitepapers and articles. Since 1997, her goal has been to advance the profession of ITSM leaders and practitioners worldwide by providing insight from her experiences on a wide variety of Service Management topics.
IT Strategy

IT Strategy: Where are we going?

How innovative is your IT organization? Are you looking at ways to embrace current technologies and use them to make your business or organization more competitive in

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