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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Microsoft Power BI

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Data-driven analytics and reporting can revolutionize your whole business, and it is beneficial for any enterprise or organization, and it can be beneficial more than imagination. For the same objective, there is a fantastic solution and new sensation in the market: Microsoft Power BI. 

Although there are several Big Data software and solutions exist, without any doubt, there are several reasons to choose Power BI due to its multiple advantages. It is an end-to-end BI platform that helps create a single source data analytics architecture that can help you unlock the potential of enterprise data via actionable insights and make data-driven decisions. 

One of the top benefits of using Power BI is – it empowers personnel at every level of your organization to make confident data-based decisions, uncover powerful data insights, and convert them for great impact. 

Still, if you want to know – 

What is Power BI?    

Then it is a collection of software services, apps(Android, iOS, Web), and connectors that combine to turn the data into rich visuals and a dashboard that helps create actionable insights and uncover the hidden potential of the data.  

The following are key elements of Power BI that work together:

  • Desktop Application- Power BI Desktop.
  • Saas(Software As A Service)-  Power BI Service.
  • Apps for Android(Google Play Store), iOS(App Store), and Windows(Microsoft Web Store)- Power BI Mobile Apps

In addition to the above listed, there are two other crucial elements also exist, which are:

  • Power BI Report Builder- for creating reports in Power BI Desktop and sharing reports via Power BI Service.   
  • Power BI Report Server- an on-premise server to publish the reports created on the Power BI desktop. 

Note: Suppose you only want to see the reports, then you can use mobile apps that allow you to view the Power BI reports on the go. For more details, you can access any trusted and genuine Power BI guide for businesses.  

When it comes to using Power BI, a question arises: Why is Power BI the best choice for data visualization, analytics, insights, and reporting? So, the upcoming section of this blog is dedicated to it. 

Let’s check!

Top -7 Reasons To Use Microsoft Power BI For Data Reporting And Insights

Power BI is a business intelligence solution produced by Microsoft Corp. for businesses around the globe, and it makes data analysis smooth for every employee or responsible people, such as business intelligence experts, data analysts, department representatives, or higher management. Power BI is useful for all types of departments, such as finance, product management, sales, and more.  

Additionally, there are multiple advantages that make it a perfect choice. So, here are the top undeniable reasons to choose Power BI. 

#1. A Quick Start

You can start anytime without any specialized technical support, expertise, and training; that is one of the best reasons to choose Power BI. It is a self-service business intelligence platform that allows its users to use simple drag-and-drop facilities to analyze the data on the go and to create impactful reports. Overall it is highly user-friendly.  

#2. Powered By AI & Machine Learning

Microsoft Power BI is powered by AI and Machine Learning. Its natural language processing ability facilitates easy interaction with the data. The queries can be generated in natural language (for example: what is my previous year’s sales data ), and it answers in the form of data tables. Its other abilities are image recognition, text analysis, and more. 

#3. An Easy Connection With Data

Another one of the top reasons to choose Power BI is an easy connection with the data. It can put all your data onto a fingertip. 70+ more connectors make easy loading and accessibility of the data from various cloud sources such as Azure, Dropbox, Google Analytics, and more. 

#4. Personalized Dashboard

The benefits of Power BI Dashboard Solutions are limitless. Instead of providing a common dashboard to all, it returns a personalized, intuitive, and interactive dashboard. As per the organization’s or company’s requirements, the responsible person can perform data analysis and create responsive reports via drag-and-drop options.    

#5. Access To Information In Real-time

Whenever any new data is generated, streamers or push the dashboard updates in real-time without any delay. This phenomenon makes information availability real-time. Even time-sensitive data collection and transmission take place in real time. 

#6. Makes Excel Integration  

The sole objective of using excel is to organize the data in a rich format, and the best part is Power BI facilitates easier integration with MS excel. Still, almost all organizations use Excel for data analysis and reporting, but now they can use a more powerful medium, and that is Microsoft Power BI. 

#7. Highly Cost Effective

Power BI is a perfect solution in terms of cost-effectiveness for all types of scaled organizations, from small-scale to large-scale enterprises or companies to organizations. It allows you to choose a suitable version with the optimized cost, such as Power Bi Desktop(free for use), Power BI Pro( $9.99/ month), and Power BI Premium(price depends on the organization’s size and the number of users).

How to choose a Power BI Consultant?

Although Power BI is a self-service business intelligence platform and with little knowledge, you can use it effortlessly. Still, there are some moments when you will need expertise for the best results. The better idea is to take a consultation with experts. Here some readers may ask a question like – how to hire a Power BI consultant. Or How to choose genuine Power BI consulting services

So, here are some key steps to consider for the same. 

  • Check industry experience 
  • Check previous work profile 
  • Inquire about the clients 
  • Check competency and skills
  • Real-time client reviews and feedback 
  • Use of data protection measures & confidentiality

All these steps can help you to onboard the right Power BI consultant. 

Conclusion – Why You Should Choose Microsoft Power BI  

If you are looking for an option to bridge the gap between your enterprise data and decision-making, then Power BI is the best. It is a perfect choice for creating end-to-end and unique data experience, answering business questions you are searching for, and allowing you to make data-driven decisions to take strategic action and optimize business intelligence. One of the additional advantages or top reasons to choose Power BI is end-to-end data protection, which is also necessary now. It indicated that Power BI is changing the whole landscape of business intelligence and data analytics.  

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