9 Benefits of Choosing Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Comprehensive cloud management is a must for your business. With a lack of proper cloud management, your business is exposed to various threats, loss and expensive downtime. Irrespective of the cloud environment that you may choose, cloud managed service providers recognized by Gartner possess extensive knowledge to provide the required support.

Managed cloud services help you outsource daily IT management for your cloud-based services. It also provides the technical support to enhance business operations. Not every organization have the best and the brightest professionals to manage a cloud environment. But there are other benefits as well:

1 # Lower Costs

Once you outsource, it helps in controlling the costs of the network maintenance. For small and medium-sized businesses with simpler networks, having a full-time IT department may be expensive. There is no upfront requirement for capital investment as well.

2 # Predictable Recurring Monthly Costs

A cloud-managed service reduces your costs to a rent-like monthly payment for what you use. With plans that are customized to your specific needs, you can optimize the amount you pay for IT support.

3 # Proven Technology

When you decide to migrate to a cloud environment, the first step is making the datacenter ready for the future. Then you’ll have to make the latest technology available for the business.  While the in-house IT staff needs to be trained, the cloud technicians are already prepared to manage the latest technology.

4 # Customizations

Most cloud managed service providers are flexible. They offer pay-as-you-go plans as well as allowing for payments that let you to have funds for the growth of business. Those cloud service providers that offer a converged solution bring even more savings. You may receive security protection, network monitoring etc. as a part of the solution.

5 # Reliable Infrastructure

The cloud MSP’s offer a very reliable infrastructure with the help of 24*7 management. Depending on your SLA, the service provider can monitor and scan the network for various requirements related to updates and the patches. You may have existing business practices and policies to manage the network, the service providers can also integrate these into the services they provide.

6 # Centralization

In a managed cloud network, it is the responsibility of the provider to manage all applications and servers in a central data center. The increased availability of the network leads to more employee productivity. It also allows remote network users to access centralized data with the help of the virtual services.

7 # Better Service Level Agreements

With cloud service providers, you get better agreements that control the service levels leading to improved performance and maintenance. As these providers work with you for longer times, they get to know your requirements better and you get faster  response times.

8 # Disaster Recovery

Cloud managed services ensure that your data is safe and secure across all the cloud services and the applications. If any disaster occurs, the business operations can continue with minimum downtime.

9 # Better Response Time

With the help of the cloud managed services, you can expect better response times across all the levels of monitoring. Most service providers are capable of accessing, monitoring and repairing any network issue within a short period of time.

Wrapping Up

Only a select few service providers are able to reach the Gartner managed hosting quadrant and if you are looking for providers, choose wisely.


9 Benefits of Choosing Managed Cloud Services

1 Lower Costs. 2 Predictable Recurring Monthly Costs. 3 Proven Technology. 4 Customizations. 5 Reliable Infrastructure. 6 Centralization. 7 Better Service Level Agreements. 8 Disaster Recovery. 9 Better Response Time.”

Sandeep Srivastava

Sandeep Srivastava

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