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Educational Apps: 11 Top Choices for Students

A student with a smartphone has the universe in their pocket. All they need is the right educational apps. Here are 11 of the best.

When you are a student, you want to receive information quickly and effortlessly. Sitting in the library for hours and looking for suitable material – a modern student did not want to do such a thing. You have a smartphone in your hand, which means that the whole universe is in your pocket, And thanks to the growth and evolution of modern technology in education, it will not be difficult to get the information you need. You just need the right educational apps. Let’s take a look at the top apps for students to help them learn and make life easier.


To read all the “program” literature, study time is definitely not enough. It is much faster and more profitable to listen to books. Educational apps that play audio books will not harm your eyesight. You also might just remember your content better and faster — and you will not have to take a heavy book with you. 

The Storytel app supports synchronization between different devices, and lets you listen from where you left off on another device. You can also download books and listen to them offline. You must pay for the application, but the price is not high.

Assignment Pal by EssayShark

In the list of required educational apps for students, this paper writing app takes a leading position. With its help, you can get professional writing help. The app offers you to order samples written by writers who are knowledgeable in different spheres. Isn’t this a perfect app for a student? By the way, the team behind the EssayShark service designed this app. If you want to know more about the service, check out this review. 


When you want to achieve more and you’re looking for somewhere else to learn, this is your educational app. Coursera offers online courses from leading universities and colleges in the US and Europe. The app also offers both paid and free content. Surprisingly, access to such high quality and broad quantity of learning will require relatively little money from you. And upon completion of each course, you’ll receive an electronic certificate.

Panecal Scientific Calculator

This is a calculator that is capable of performing complex calculations with mathematical formulas. The highly specialized application has a wide range of functions. Engineers, physicists, and radio electronics specialists will definitely like it.

iStudiez Pro

This is one of the best educational apps for student class scheduling. With it, you can keep up with all deadlines, keep track of grades, and much more. However, only Mac owners can use it so far. There are free and paid versions. Of course, the paid version has more functionality. But the free version just might be all you’re very likely to be fully satisfied by the free version.

StudyBlue Flashcards

We all know that flashcards are very powerful in preparing for exams. But preparing them yourself is a living hell. With this educational app, a student can make flashcards quickly and easily. In this case, not only pictures and text but also audio and video effects can be used here. There are two versions – for iOS and Android.


Just imagine how it will make life easier for those who need to deal with research paper writing! Just scan the barcode or type in the title of the book – and the application will immediately arrange the book in the form of a link to a literary source. You can then email it or export it as a document. The application is available for users of both Android and Apple smartphones.

Dragon Dictation

This is one of the most useful educational apps for a student, especially a harried, new-to-everything freshman. It uses a speech recognition algorithm to immediately write into words anything you say to it. For example, when your hands are busy or you’re in a hurry, this app can quickly capture lecture notes, statuses or social network messages. It is available in a free version for iOS.


This application will be extremely useful to everyone who came from other cities and is forced to independently conduct personal accounting. It calculates everything for you: membership fees, textbooks costs, tutoring fees, food purchases – Mint will help you keep track of all your expenses and not get into debt. It is available in a free version for iOS and Android.


This is a useful organizer designed for students and with the appropriate functional features. You can use it to schedule lessons and monitor your progress. It can also quickly record homework using a camera or voice recorder, then share it on social networks or via Bluetooth. The app can also receive notifications about the impending start or end of a lesson, and keep notes on your chosen subjects. In addition to the app, there is a web browser widget and an Apple Watch version.


Use your iPhone or iPad camera to take a picture of a math problem or equation. Photomath will recognize it and solve it. The app doesn’t just provide static answers, but works out each problem step by step. This will help you understand the principle of solving an unfamiliar type of problem and learn how to solve them yourself, without a calculator.

We’ve reviewed the top educational apps that will come in handy in different areas of student life. We hope that they will make your life as a student easier. 

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