Process Governance in an Agile Environment


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IT and Process Governance has moved to the forefront of business and IT organizations over the past decade as it contributes to developing trust between the service organization and its stakeholders and customers. 

Good governance is rarely mentioned in the evening news, however, there are many examples where governance has failed, and global business mishaps, or total failures, have been highlighted in the news.

Most organizations have great intent, use state-of-the-art tools, and have well-defined processes and procedures, but the lack of well-defined governance is slowly engulfing the organization into a black hole of missed opportunities. 

Today’s business and operating environment demand an Agile approach to IT and process governance to ensure that flexibility, speed and agility exist but with enough control to ensure success. 

This is why over the next few weeks, I will discuss process governance in an Agile environment, specifically highlighting the information gap between IT leadership and IT operations that exist in many organizations and offer a solution how this gap can be bridged by using strategic process roadmaps.  

In the next few weeks in this blog series, we will discuss the:

  • Importance of establishing a process/product owner for critical process and the development of strategic process roadmaps
  • Explanation of the difference between governance with management and the problems with a lack of Governance
  • Discuss the information gap between IT leadership and IT operations
  • Show how to bridge the information gap by using strategic process roadmaps

Stay tuned next Monday for more on Process Governance in an Agile Environment. You can read the next installment here.

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Thorsten Manthey

Thorsten Manthey

Thorsten is an Engagement Director within TCS’ Enterprise Agility, Consulting and Service Integration Practice and is passionate about IT Service Management, cultural and organizational change, Agile and ITSM Governance. He is a results-driven senior IT leader and Agile Coach with more than 25 years of international experience and demonstrated success helping businesses deliver service improvements, produce cost take out, developing strategic plans, implement technologies, driving large global projects, establishing governance and enable cultural change. Thorsten has worked across multiple industries including health care, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing and telecommunications in North America, Europe and Scandinavia. He speaks English, German and Swedish and is an international speaker and presenter.