Will a Robot Find me a Job? – The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

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AI a match for human recruiters

Many people have been asking “will a robot take my job?” A recent competition may leave you asking “will a robot find me my next job?”

Brilent’s artificial intelligence (AI) based talent recruitment software recently placed in the Top 3 against a field of 8 of the best human sourcers and recruiters around the globe in the 2017 Sourcecon Sourcing Grandmaster Competition.

The competition was co-hosted by Jason Roberts (Randstad Sourceright’s SVP and Global Head of Technology and Analytics), and Jim Stroud (Randstad Sourceright’s Global Head of Sourcing and Recruiting Strategy) in collaboration with Sourcecon.

The result is a stunning development for the recruiting industry, showing that there is a growing space for AI in the HR industry.

Exciting results

“We are excited about the results of this competition. It further proves that AI can be applied to help employers and recruiters to drastically increase their speed of hiring quality new talent. Finding great talent is more challenging than finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. First, you have many companies competing for the same talent. Second, you have to prioritize between candidates and justify your choice to hiring managers. Brilent does all of this for you and more. We make finding the right candidates easier and quicker so you can focus on what’s most important: building strong relationships with your potential hires,” said Garry Ma, CEO of Brilent Inc.

The winners were announced Wednesday, March 15 at the Sourcecon event in Anaheim, California. Roberts’ objective was to benchmark how AI in recruiting performs against top-of-the-line human sourcers in identifying candidates for hiring. Sourcers and recruiters competed around the globe to be the top 8 human participants who would compete in this competition.

The machines have arrived

“The machines are here. Their matches are good. Brilent actually provides reasons for why candidates are a good fit,” said Roberts, in reference to Brilent’s performance vs. human sourcers. “The contest is always tricky and requires both logic and creativity to conquer … The humans spent from 4 – 25 hours researching and submitting their entries whereas Brilent took 3.2 seconds to deliver its results. Brilent competed well against some of the best sourcers in the world, and it only took a few seconds to do so,” said Stroud.

The talent acquisition industry faces huge ongoing challenges finding and hiring the best talent, and doing so quickly. Larger recruiting departments,  have tens of thousands, or even millions, of applicants within their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and CRMs and there are limited methods that allow them to prioritize the best candidates for specific jobs. Brilent’s AI system targets these challenges by automatically updating candidate information, ranking all candidates for all open roles, and providing summaries on why candidates may or may not be a suitable fit for a role. AI is helping recruiters to pinpoint top candidates in seconds instead of hours.

Kirstie Magowan

Kirstie Magowan

Kirstie Magowan is the managing editor of IT Chronicles. Kirstie is an experienced journalist and publisher who has been working in the IT Service Management industry since 1999. Kirstie is a regular speaker at industry conferences globally.