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CSI – Buy One Get One

That’s right for unlimited time buy one CSI and you get a second free…

(Yeah, I won’t give up my ITSM skills to be in sales anytime soon.)

The reality is though, that for every CSI initiative you embark on, you get an additional benefit.  Every aspect of ITSM deals with two fundamental areas of management; People Management & Technology Management.  Every CSI initiative benefits both of these areas.

Here are a few of the challenges that are common for IT organizations and how they impact each of these areas.

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These are just a few of the many challenging areas facing IT professionals.  As an IT Service Management professional you have come to appreciate the benefits of establishing formalized processes and improved platforms to manage those processes.  Do not forget, that CSI is the way of life in this journey.  It’s not a project you do, it’s the way you operate.  Your assignment of tasks may come through the form of a project charter to help ensure funding and resource commitment, but it is vital that you are positioning this as an improvement to the operational agility of the organization

This is what I refer to as Sustainable Innovation.  CSI is the reason for innovation, and your CSI methods are they way you create a platform for Innovation to be seeded, rooted and produce fruits of “Goodness”  (I can’t believe I’m sounding like Barclay Rae..)

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As you increase the organizations ability you are improving those two key areas of Technical Management & People Management.  The stronger your people and technology, the stronger your organizations ability to react to market conditions, business demands, regulatory obligations, and corporate/organizational objectives.

That’s WHY you CSI!

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