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ITSM/ESM Christmas Lights


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Jingle bells, jingle bells.. WAIT, say what? Christmas Lights? What do Christmas Lights have to do with ITSM/ESM?? EVERYTHING!!!

If your dashboards aren’t lighting up like a Christmas tree, and yes I mean green for good and red for bad, for your KPIs and Metrics, including hours of operation calculations, averages, percentages, trends, and complex groupings, then we need to talk.

In today’s shift-left world, the end-user, be it an analyst, manager, or executive, have countless KPIs and Metrics at their fingertips.

KPIs and Metrics alike need to stand out from all the noise and more importantly when there is a trend or change in the KPI or metric that requires attention.

This is where your dashboard needs to light up like a Christmas tree so that at one glance your end-user can make informed decisions and act accordingly. Of course, you can also incorporate workflows, but before you get there, you need to define your KPIs, your Metrics, and your “normal”.

What you need are some gauges, line graphs showing SLA compliance over time, pivot tables (yes those too can change color) showing percentages and hours of operation calculations by internal and customer-facing service requests, and my favorite, time frame groupings, and sure traditional Christmas balls, I mean pie charts.

Service Request SLA Compliance with Targets Met Hours of Operation Calculation Aging Aged Grouping Averages Percentages multiple business objects charts pies graphs analytic metrics dashboards Ivanti HEAT UK Australia

This Christmas, and year around, be sure to stay on Santa’s nice list and incorporate some jolly ole Green and Red into your dashboards!

PS: If you’re still using old-school reports then you’re on Santa’s Naughty List!!!

What do Christmas Lights have to do with ITSM/ESM?? EVERYTHING!!!

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