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2021 – Future of 5G

5G Future

5G or the 5th generation of wireless networks promises higher speeds, better connectivity and less latency. The arrival of 5G network will not only transform tech but will also offer a completely new mobile experience. The technology will change the way people spend their lives. 5G will enable a new kind of network which is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including devices, machines and objects.

As per a report by Grand View Research, the global 5G services market size is estimated to reach $41.48 billion by 2020 and expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.9% from 2021 to 2027.

Use Cases of 5G technology –

5G and IoT Technology – One of the most significant aspects of 5G technology is that it has a great impact on IoT (Internet of Things). The technology will go a long way towards improving the performance and reliability of connected devices.

The technology is helping to unleash a massive IoT ecosystem and can support up to a million devices per square kilometer – ten times more than 4G. The low latency and high network capacity of 5G technology helps to eliminate the biggest limitations to IoT expansion.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) – The technology promises a more immersive future. High definition live streaming will get a big boost from the higher speeds provided by 5G. The low latency of 5G technology will make both AR as well as VR applications immersive and far more interactive. Both VR and AR technologies are poised to be the ideal application for 5G network because of its data transfer speed, increased throughput and efficiency.

Improve Broadband – The 5G technology will change the way people interact with technology on a regular basis. The 5th generation of wireless networks will provide broadband like services such as high definition streaming video without dreaded buffering.

The 5G technology will help customers to communicate in crowded or remote areas with fast broadband. The technology provides high system capacity, super fast speeds and better spectral efficiency for applications not only in the consumer space but also for industrial routers and gateways requiring best-in-class connectivity.

How device management solution is helping telecom operators increase 5G service adoption?

5G Support – Although, 5th generation of wireless networks is set to transform the mobile broadband experience for customers, however, in order to offer superior experience to customers and enhance profitability, telecom operators need to make sure that they are equipped for handling device and network related queries for 5G. This is where device management solution plays a crucial role.

The mobile device management software helps telecommunication companies with 5G ready telecom content. They act as ready reckoners not just for contact center agents but also for customers on self service channels. These telecom ready device and support guides can be published across self care app, website and contact centers to help both customers and agents to solve queries related to security, battery life, network provisioning, etc.

IoT Support – 5G offers much more than just high speed. Both 5G technology and IoT (Internet of Things) are paving way for smart homes. Although, the existing 4G network has well supported many of the IoT applications, however, 5G network can further enhance these mobile IoT networks. The 5G technology will go a long way towards improving the performance and reliability of these connected devices.

While connected devices make life simpler, setting up these IoT devices can be difficult for customers. Therefore, the telecom ready device and support guides with step by step instructions help in faster setups. These guides help both agents as well as customers in any scenario related to installation or troubleshooting. Also, self diagnostics helps to keep a check on device and connectivity health at all times in a proactive manner.

Broadband Support – 5G technology offers high speed mobile broadband experience to customers. However, customers might face some problems while using broadband. These can be planned network outages, connectivity amongst devices, internet speed, data plan related concerns and more. These challenges can be solved using visual guides.

With the help of device management software, a visual guided solution can be enabled for your customers on website as well as self care app and your contact center agents. It helps in faster resolution of issues and increases CSAT.

Conclusion: The adoption of 5G will drive innovation, creating new business opportunities across a wide range of industries. Customers will adopt new services and products that will smartly leverage the benefits of 5G technology, namely high speed as well as low latency. However, for generating higher ARPU and maintaining NPS scores, operators should enable customers to solve device issues. Therefore, device management solution empowers telecom companies to provide faster resolution of issues to customers and offer them a superior experience.

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