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How is 5G Transforming the World of Mobile App Development?


The 5G network is already here, and it is expanding to the mass market all over the globe. Despite the receding buzz about the revolutionary potential of the 5G network in transforming the digital landscape, still, industry leaders and developers all over the world are in awe of the huge transformation that 5G is likely to bring to their business. 

Particularly for mobile app development projects, 5G is likely to bring in the most definitive wind of change how this latest network standard by taking the development world by storm will transform the app development industry. Let us explain. But before that, let us take a closer look at the major benchmarks that the 5G network has come with. 

  • 5G will offer data speed up to 10Gbps, which is around 100 times faster speed than 4G networks. 
  • It is likely to have only 1-millisecond latency, which is almost nothing compared to the present latency of the 4G network. 
  • The network is going to offer 1000 times more bandwidth per area unit compared to the highest bandwidth of the previous network. 
  • The network can connect 100 times more device area per unit than with a 4G LTE network. 
  • 5G will ensure 99.999% network availability at all times. 
  • 5G guarantees 100% network coverage. 
  • 5G will consume 90% less power compared to the present-day 4G/LTE network. 
  • Low power IoT devices by using a 5G network can save up to 10-years of battery longevity.

Now that the gross potential and the particular network benchmarks set by the 5G network are mentioned above, it is time to focus on the key ways 5G is going to transform mobile app development in the recent future and the years to come. 

According to a recent estimation, by 2025, around 1. 4 billion devices will run on the 5G network. Almost all businesses rely on digitization and are going to experience an overwhelming transformation of their businesses. 

According to Oliver Baker, MD of UK based app development firm Intelivita, “Certain industries such as IT, healthcare, supply chain, and logistics, e-commerce and retail, banking and financial apps, AR/VR apps, remote education, and e-learning will be most benefited from the 5G technology most.” 

Naturally, for app developers, the 5G network is going to be an irreplaceable alley. If you are thinking about how to hire an app developer for your ambitious app project, make sure you set your focus on the 5G network standard and how you can incorporate it into your mobile app projects.

Robust Iot Apps and Smoothly Connected Reality

5G network is likely to enable the connected reality of smart IoT gadgets with seamless and faster data transfer and data processing. 5G has emerged as the new network standard to expand the connected ecosystem of gadgets and sensors in all living spaces. 

The users now can expect more swift and no holds barred interactions across devices. From wearable devices to smart sensors to home automation or workplace automation gadgets, the lightning-fast connection speed will continue to enhance user experience. 

The IoT gadgets will offer enhanced capabilities to facilitate optimum performance through the use of minimum bandwidth and very low power consumption. Thanks to the 5G network, App developers can also utilize the AI and ML technologies in combination with the 5G network for more intuitive and effortless device interactions. 

The user experience with 5G network devices is likely to be more seamless and free of device constraints than ever before. The ambient computing across multiple device interfaces will help users engage easily and switch across multiple interfaces for all digital activities, whether at home, workplace, or transport. 

Smooth Video Streaming

Thanks to the 5G network, video streaming apps will offer richer and 4K media content for the ultimate viewing experience. 5G network will bring revolution to video streaming as streaming 4K quality video will no longer hold any bandwidth or data transfer challenges as we experience with the 4G network.  

Since the 5G network has almost zero latency, this will ensure lucid video streaming ability. The same will also help reduce battery consumption for a frictionless viewing experience.

Thanks to the 5G network, now video app developers will be more flexible to provide a lot of streaming options against different monetization plans that suit users. The new network standard will also allow users to enjoy high-quality live streaming content from different media platforms. 

Rich AR and VR Experience 

With their promises of delivering immersive user experience, AR and VR technologies have already been part and parcels of mobile apps. But AR/VR app experience has faced many limitations in terms of slow speed and friction in the flow of the app. 

The higher latency and slower processing speed resulting from the 4G network are mainly responsible for these. This is where the 5G network promises to revolutionize the experience.  

With the emergence of the 5G network, there will be apps to provide out-of-the-box AR and VR experiences for different user needs and contexts, including eLearning, smart entertainment and media, corporate training, etc. 

Diverse Application of 3d Technology

5G will help in the growth of immersive technologies, including developing 3D models and 3D printing. High-quality 3D printing and 3D model development require seamless and lightning-fast connection, especially when the task is complex and several people need to collaborate in real-time. 

By completely eradicating the performance and speed bottlenecks, the 5G network will positively push the adoption of 3D technology across industries. Several industries, including healthcare, higher education, research facilities, construction, consumer durables, hi-tech gadgets, and fashion wear, will be using 3D printing and 3D models more frequently than ever before. 

Mobile Apps to Become More Hyperlocal

Location technologies like GPS, beacons, and geofencing are now parts and parcels of mobile app advancement projects. Thanks to the capability to track location in real-time through the mobile screen, many local businesses and marketers have embraced mobile apps. But there are still network constraints that prevent marketers to opt for a hyperlocal strategy. Now the 5G network has arrived to eradicate these shortcomings once and forever. 

Real-time location tracking is now crucial for business conversion across different industry segments. The location-based marketing messages sent to customers are more effective in driving business conversion than traditional ads. 

But still, only big businesses can afford such hyperlocal marketing and location tracking of their inventories and supply chain. 5G network will open the door to location-aware marketing and location-based business operations for businesses of all sizes and niches. In that sense, 5G will create a more level playing field for every business.   

Unmatched Cloud Support 

Already the vast majority of popular apps that deal with large volumes of user data prefer cloud hosting and cloud-based operations to reduce all constraints corresponding to user data management and accessibility. But cloud compatibility demands a high-speed connection for a smooth user experience. This is where the 5G network can play a significant role. 

Transmitting large volumes of data to the cloud platforms and carrying out cloud-hosted computing tasks require frictionless connectivity, minimum latency, and greater bandwidth capacity. We now have the 5G network to fulfill all these requirements for cloud support.  

Guarantees Increased Battery Life 

Battery power consumption remains a constant concern for users as well as device manufacturers. Slower network speed results in more time consumption for completing simple tasks, and consequently, more battery power is spent. 

The 5G network, with its lightning-fast speed, zero latency, and optimum bandwidth, helps to finish tasks quicker, resulting in increased saving of battery power. The reduced battery consumption will give users more flexibility for using an app for extended hours. 

5G Impact on Mobile App Development – Conclusion

The above-discussed points only showcase the most immediate results the 5G network offers for mobile app development projects. In reality, the impact of the 5G network on mobile app development is more far-reaching than this. The 5G network will place our digital world on a constantly accelerated pedestal. The transformation is just about to begin. Is everybody in?

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