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  • Bring Your Own IT Innovation

    Bring Your Own IT Innovation

    It was David Cannon, in his excellent opening keynote at the Dutch Service Manager Day in March 2016, who triggered the idea for this post on IT innovation. David spoke about users who have a hunch that their current information systems could be used differently to achieve better results, but struggle to discover how. The
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  • DevOps in the Baltics

    DevOps in the Baltics

    Organizing DevOps Topconf’s second annual Baltic DevOps conference in Tallinn in May attracted 120 attendees who could choose between talks of a technical nature (which attracted 80% of the attendees), and talks about how to organize DevOps. As a member of the programme committee, I had advised about the content of the organizational track. We
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  • Life, Death and ITSM in Finland

    Life, Death and ITSM in Finland

    On a trip to Helsinki in April 2016 to speak at the ICT Expo, a two-day trade show attended by 5000 visitors, I had the opportunity to catch up with ITSM legend Aale Roos. I’ve known Aale for more years than we both care to acknowledge, and it had been quite a while since we
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  • ITSM Knowledge is there for your taking

    ITSM Knowledge is there for your taking

    Once again, AllthingsITSM have been invited back to ServiceNow’s global user conference, Knowledge® 16 in Las Vegas  to record interviews with the “movers and shakers” of the IT and the ServiceNow® ecosystem. We are honored that this technology giant recognizes us as an integral part of bringing their message to the community at large through
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  • ITIL vs ITSM: What is the Difference?

    ITIL vs ITSM: What is the Difference?

    Understanding the difference between ITIL vs ITSM and the difference between Help Desk vs IT Service Desk is important if an organization wants to have a clear and accurate view of how it currently provides IT support. This type of knowledge is important for setting short-term and long-term goals for IT Service Management organizations that
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  • ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    Wednesday, 08:06am The coffee in my go mug was already cold when I left my apartment, so although I made pretty good time, considering the morning traffic, I was now 20 minutes grumpier before even getting out of the car.  Spring was still struggling in, and I snugged my hat down so the chill breeze
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  • The State of the ITSM Union

    The State of the ITSM Union

    Superheroes discussing IT Service Management People often surprise themselves when they are given a task and put under a bit of pressure. Such as in the roundtable discussion at itSMF Norway’s annual conference in April 2016 – “ITSM with Superheroes of the World”. Fifteen people joined forces to think about the state of affairs in
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  • Superheroes at the itSMF Norway conference 2016

    Superheroes at the itSMF Norway conference 2016

    The annual conference put together by itSMF Norway has a reputation for being something special, and the 2016 edition didn’t break the mould. Completely fitting with this year’s overarching theme of ‘superheroes’, Dr Geeta Sekhon, an Indian consultant to the United Nations on Human Trafficking, delivered a powerful keynote. She touched many a heart both by the
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